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  1. Yes, he looked right up to the club deck where I was sitting. Great reaction to see.
  2. What a club, what a support. Looking forward to being on the PRW by 5pm.
  3. My Club Deck ticket for Friday was £20 - if I moved one row forward it would have cost £29.
  4. I've nothing against you personally, however you talk some fucking shite. In fact, you must be at it?!?
  5. Good win. I think I will watch a few of these games this year and see how the style has changed.
  6. Anyone know the main stand, including club deck? Around 24,000??
  7. Skysports reported that there is pay at the gate tonight.
  8. Sandro420 - like it! Hello, Hello We are the billy boys Hello, Hello You'll know us by our noise We're bringing back the billy boys Surrender our you'll die Cos we are the brigton derry boys
  9. Bloody hell - of course we will. It will be very sweet when we do!
  10. Of course the crowds will return. All we need is a board and team that know what the fuck they are doing.
  11. I think the lighter one was better than the darker one. Looking forward to seeing the pale irish guy and the really dark guy when fit.
  12. Really? It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the board of Man United discussed the Van Gaal appointment with Ferguson. People are jumping straight from discussing to Walter deciding and there is a vast difference.
  13. Manchester United consulted Alex Ferguson on Moyes. People do make mistakes in life - shit happens. Not everyone is as perfect as some of our internet warriors that have all the answers obviously!
  14. What would we give for a Gough, Brown or Amoruso to grab some players by the neck behind the scenes???
  15. Any videos of our support on the go yet - came across brilliant on the telly. Ready to see and hear it again!!!
  16. This had me ranting at the TV and the game hadn't even started. Why the fuck you walk up into their seats to shake hands I'll never know. He wasn't alone either, someone else done the same although I could not make him out.
  17. And full time - twice the cameras caught him whispering into Commons ear. Surely we can expect our captain to be as sick as the rest of us - obviously not.
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