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  1. First time i have ever heard sense in one of your comments , I have been saying it for ages , Gerrard is the problem........
  2. Playing the way we do theres not a chance we are winning anything this year , and that should be Gerrard finished....
  3. Hes in his fourth year and continually buys players who are just not good enough , gives me the fear letting him waste even more cash in January.
  4. We drop points to teams run on buttons , budgets mean nothing. We have a management team who are world class at signing donkeys.....
  5. Of all nights to put in another ridiculous performance and allowing that rat bastard to score. Whole team and manager were a disgrace......
  6. You actually think one trophy in 3 years is acceptable ?
  7. That makes it ok then eh ? Any other manager with one in 3 years would get hounded out the club , hes tactically clueless , has spent a fortune and his idea of a decent player is a joke and hes treated like a god by some.
  8. Any other manager in our history with a record of one trophy in four seasons would get fuckin slaughtered on here. Been saying it for yonks , the problem is Gerrard. Those waiting for the january transfer window are barking mad , I wouldnt let the guy anywhere near new signings........
  9. Got it sent to me , absolutely sickening the comments on there .
  10. Hope they have a read at their forum right now , and kick the fuck out of the lot of them......
  11. First 15-20 mins a thought here we fuckin go again. Great comeback and performance last 20 mins. Hate the thought of they papish bastards coming away with anything here , we better not sit back on this lead , surely Gerrard will see that this time........
  12. Detest everything about this papish club , up there with the worst of them ......
  13. Most over rated striker thats ever played for us. If the Lyon deal was true we should have took it.......
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