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  1. Until I hear someone from the club say something happened in the tunnel with that wanker and Kamara I believe fuck all from that shower of corrupt bastards. If somebody has it , post it.
  2. U fuck off ya fuckin clown , sites a fuckin joke making mugs like u admin. and before the usual suspects greet about name calling , look who started it first.....
  3. You can find all the quotes if u look , all saying fuck all happened in the tunnel. Amazes me the amount of folk on here that always defend shite like this.
  4. Its about proof and so far there is fuck all , not even the made up shite u put on here.
  5. So its bullshit and u decided to post it on here , what fuckin chance have we got.
  6. The manager and most of the players that were in the tunnel.
  7. So everyone at our club who all said fuck all happened are liars ?
  8. The delegate has been bought , I will believe everybody at the club who said nothing happened.
  9. There was zero proof of any assault other than what came out of they bastards mouths and eufa believed it. Shocking ban on Kamara and you would think the club would be all over it but I highly doubt it.
  10. We should be striving to improve in all the positions. Spot on , something we should always be doing , no one is bigger than this club.........
  11. Helander got the man of the match , no bad for being all over the place. All about opinions..........
  12. So his private life was a shambles , big deal happens to lots of players. I dont recall the word shambles appearing anytime he was on the park.
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