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  1. Well that article was refreshing. Didn't have any of the look at me stuff we've seen in the past. Seems like a top guy.
  2. Did he tip a shot onto the bar? Would that not be a shot on target if so? Not going to lie. I've watched Roofe's goal so many times I've probably started to forget some parts of the game 🤣
  3. How many times did he take the ball off the toes of one of their players. Was nervous as Ryan Jack has bossed the midfield in old firm games for a couple of years, but no one deserved to be dropped from our midfield. Davis, Kamara and Arfield were excellent
  4. This seems like a perfectly normal thread to start after the game....
  5. Got a couple of shouts for different reasons. Charlie Miller - a home grown product who had the ability to play for us and didn't look out of place in our amazing 9iar team. Only himself to blame, but I was a bit gutted to see him go Mikel Arteta - I was upset because here was young 'homesick' Arteta signed for about 6 million from Barcelona in his early 20s... Being sold for a loss. Never really liked him after that Jeremy Clement - young french midfielder, who did a decent job for us, really annoyed me because he clearly didn't care about the club, as soon as PLG left he could
  6. How did you get on with maths growing up 🤣
  7. So just to recap. They beat some team 6 nil. It's been reported that they thrashed their opposition by BBC Scotland. The op is raging. And feels this is bias... Even though they literally did thrash their opposition 😂😂 give me strength
  8. Still think Murphy's potentially the best winger we have at the club. He's got an end product. Should be in the team
  9. Here's a statement that some may disagree with... Best left back we've had since Numan. I didn't think he was up to much in his first season, his best performances were against us imo. Last year far far better and looks like he's continued that development. Good defensively, great going forward, wand of a left peg. Wallace was a good left back, papac was great... Borna is better than both for me
  10. What's shite about it? Who's replaced him in terms of goals from out wide since he left? I'm not saying I miss Josh windass. Just that we need more goals from out wide and midfield if we want to win the league
  11. I'd agree with that, think the whole team lost their way a bit 2nd half. 1st half was total control without creating loads of chances
  12. I agree in that I also think we need Morelos in the box, but one of our biggest problems last year was we had no space in behind and I like the idea of trying different things to make that space. Makes me wonder if we'll see a different type of striker come in if Morelos goes. Also think that if Brandon Barker is to have an impact as a Rangers player that tactic would be a good fit as he has pace to get in behind. Same as you in that I'm not sure if it's a good tactic or not, think it worked yesterday....but don't know if it's going to work long term
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