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  1. He has. It was a reply to my post and my response to that has also been removed. Im not going to lie bit baffled as to why I got the reply I did in the first place. Was absolutely no need and I'm glad they've been removed.
  2. We don't know the circumstances and 2 wrongs don't make a right. 19 years old. Hoping this is just some cruel rumour.
  3. How do you make a video like that and not include the manager in it 👀
  4. I agree. If he'd been bought as a starter. He might have been given a bit of a break and allowed that time to settle in... That's not the case though and as a result it's very difficult for him to be picked over the likes of Morelos or roofe.
  5. Kelly definitely looks the business. Ittens had a few flashes but can see why you think that. I always think... And yeah I'm probably being very kind.. that players need a run of games to show what they can do. Don't think ittens ever really had that. Always sub appearances here and there. Was absolutely woeful in this friendly though
  6. 🤣🤣Ooft getting that sorted right now. Stupid fat fingers 🤣
  7. So don't get me wrong. I was buzzing for ore season... Because I hoped to see some good performances and the new players. So far the highlight has been the young players (Kelly, King, Mayo and Maxwell) that have stood out. It means nothing though and is about fitness. When Itten scores the winner against Real Madrid in a few weeks that will mean nothing too 👀 As long as the players up their game when the season starts... We need to be punishing them and winning 56 when they are in this state.
  8. Nooe Barker, Middleton and Jones are 100 per cent needing to move permanently Edmundson I don't think will make it either and tbh Simpson is the same.. so one is probably needed as cover and the other needs to leave permanently.
  9. I think he's been shite tbh. No where near the level needed.
  10. All about fitness these games. I wouldn't worry about the result. Pish performance though, sack Gerrard, the board, Rangers tv and lundstram now. Also why the fuck is Middleton starting when Maxwell and Bassey are on the bench.
  11. Defoe's probably missed more sitters in this game than he has his entire Rangers career
  12. Won't make it at us imo. Like him, but limited from what I've seen. It's a bit like Michael o'halloran for me. Did well at st Johnstone where he has the space to use his pace and get in behind. Like him, Middleton lacks a trick/the ability to go by a man and we often face teams putting ten behind the ball Would love to be wrong though
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