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  1. First off, I've given criticism in the past for the way some of your articles have been linked... I'm enjoying this style much more and It makes reading the article much more enjoyable for me. Secondly, I agree. Mols at his peak was the best I've seen. He was frightening... Unplayable almost. If he didn't have the injury... This could have been an article about the best since Mols. For me I'd have prso next, again didn't play for us for a long time, but my god what a player. I guess a better comparison with him would be Hateley... But what a player, shame he had injuries too a
  2. Folk think this is an overreaction on here don't understand that if we are going to win 55 how important it is that we beat teams like this. We've been off it for weeks. The likes of Kent and Aribo have been really poor and the sooner Arfield is back the better.. If they win there games before the old firm and we have one more slip they'll fancy themselves to be back in contention...
  3. What game were you watching? The thing that went wrong here was the midfield were too slow, miles off the pace and nobody was running in behind the big man. Gerrard should have started roofe, Davis and Jack over Aribo, Kent and Zungu. Probably wright over Kamara too... That's what lost us the game. The selection was miles off it...
  4. stewaj3


    Kidding wasn't what i meant to say ... Meant to say modding it. Stupid auto correct. You know I probably lost interest a bit around this time too. Both have some great games though.
  5. stewaj3


    Are you kidding it? Can't go wrong with the Nintendo games, mario, Zelda, mario kart, metroid, Luigis mansion etc Sure I liked red steel for the Wii and xiii for the gamecube as random shouts
  6. stewaj3


    If you're struggling with retropie. Maybe try batocera... More menu options to make it a bit easier to use.. Let me know if your struggling because if you want to get started I'll help you out.
  7. stewaj3

    Ryan Kent

    Said it another thread but Kent needs someone to put pressure on him. Scott Wright looks like the one that's going to come in. Even if it doesn't work out... I think Kent knows the likes of Jones, Barker and Stewart aren't trusted to come in, so he knows even if he is playing poorly he will start.
  8. That's my fear tbh. As much as I want everyone to celebrate.. when this happens... I don't want any negative press for the club... So here's hoping we're allowed to go there.
  9. That's my thoughts too. I know we didn't see it tonight... But I also think Kent benefits from playing with him,when he's dropping deep. Let's Kent find wee pockets of space. As you say can't ignore the sitter and he's had a few stinking games this season. That being said... He's had games with very little service too and he's still contributed to our performances... So I'm not overly worried. He's definitely dropping deeper and he's clearly been coached to work on his link up play. If we were losing games and he wasn't scoring, my viewpoint would change, but I'm pretty happy with a
  10. As long as he's contributing and we are winning, he'll get chances to get that confidence back. He'll score quite a few by the end of the season imo.
  11. Reading loads about Morelos on here. Yes he missed an absolute sitter. Yes he's lacking confidence. However, his link up play was outstanding when he came on. Imagine how good we will be when he starts scoring again
  12. I thought it was clickbait with no actual content or story. I'd have been more receptive to it if it wasn't Its not splitting hairs over the title, i don't know why anyone would open that and not be thinking. I've given this guy hits to read absolutely nothing. What a waste of my time. Its piss poor journalism and a waste of time. Surprised anyone would want to read that type of content on here tbh
  13. I'll answer as to why anyone would care. It's annoying as fuck. Respect that it's for work and I'm not digging at that in the slightest. This example. Kelly has a new manager at Ross county. There's not really anything new in here, its basically Ross county have appointed a new boss. So I'd say it was pretty meaningless and annoying... I'd have respected the article more if you'd just posted the headline. Id have read it and been less critical. I'd have given it praise had it been an interview with Kelly or Hughes about there plans. Or even some analysis of h
  14. stewaj3


    Actually looking at the fixtures... Motherwell and Aberdeen away after that... Going to go as far as to say the challenge should be, win all 7 and we'll win the league.
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