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  1. Was tremendous and I think some of the criticism of him is ott. He was poor first half, but who wasn't.. 2nd half was exceptional. Had so many good performances this season and was tremendous pre Christmas last year. I genuinely think when he's on it we play our best football. We need to use him in the important games. Invaluable member of the squad
  2. That's not true either. Flo cost 12 mill but we got 6.75mill of that back. So his cost was 5.25 mill and he scored 29 goals so 181k per goal is the cost. Transfer fee alone is 413k a goal. James Beattie cost about 1.5 million and never scored... So he's absolutely worse in a pound per goal sense and I'm sure there are others too.
  3. This wilshere thing has gone on too long. When he got released I think there was a bit of excitement about the name.... For him to come in I think we'd need an injury or someone to be leaving. Feels like a gamble to me, one that could disrupt the team, who are doing ever so well anyway. Don't see the logic at the moment tbh
  4. Aye but had he ever hid fish inside Gordon duries car? 🤣 In all seriousness sounds like a cracking player
  5. Ian Ferguson won 10 league titles... I can honestly say Paul Gascoigne makes a greatest Rangers team over him every day of the week. Loved Ian Ferguson btw. As for Sandy Archibald, I've no idea tbh, but there's more to this than length of service
  6. Really too many Fifa and Football manager folk on here! How about we let our scouting team identify the players and we back them when and if they join us! Not saying he's a bad player, but we're fans... we're not here to identify players!
  7. On his day cracking player who could do a job at most teams in the world. Sadly I think his day has long gone and he wouldn't stay fit long enough to make an impact here
  8. A lot of these posts are pretty narrow minded, I don't think we'll ever know the full extent of what happens behind closed doors. There's clearly a problem n the Ibrox boardroom but I think the only people that will be leaving for sure, will be Johnston, the Lloyds guy and David Murray's representatives! If i had to pick some to stay id expect Bain and John Mcclelland will due to the contacts they have and the fact they are highly involved with uefa! As for the criticisms of both Greig and Jardine, that's not right for me. I would imagine that they are not allowed to discuss club matters publi
  9. To be fair when you consider the current level of youngsters who are in the first team or have been there or there about, we have fleck, little, Ness, Hutton, Cole & Wylde as well as Perry & Mcmillan (who are out on loan and may or may not have a chance). I've also heard a lot of good things about hemmings. I think if the vast majority of these work out then we should look at finding youngsters that can come in and improve on them! I read that Celtic spent over 500k on there youth team, hardly surprising they won considering that level of investment! I also read that the turncoat McGeo
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