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  1. Few to be going on with here then! Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm out the country in Berlin from Thursday-Monday this week and I was wondering if anyone knew any Rangers pubs or pubs that would be showing the game on Thursday night / Sunday afternoon? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers ?
  3. Any idea about what our allocation is?
  4. Great video, wish I could have seen him play.
  5. In all honesty if we make 15k in the Ramsdens Cup, it still isn't a bad crowd. We are playing Berwick Rangers after all.
  6. That's a point, where will the final be held if we get there? It was set to be Hampden last year, but it will be shut for the Commonwealth Games refurb.
  7. This, I think that would be refreshing to play it their, even if it is a rugby stadium. Rather their than the piggery!
  8. Wouldn't necessarily base this all down to money because he joined Motherwell in the first place for less than he was offered at Championship clubs. He only joined Motherwell because of McCall and working with him previously at Bradford. Ended up being a good career move for him because he's played a lot of games and put himself in the shop window once again.
  9. Hi guys, would anybody be kind enough to point me in the direction of this. It would be much appreciated because as it stands I can only find the 2002/2003 and 2004/2005 season ones. Cheers!
  10. Had to go with Mols, he was sensational pre-injury. Also isn't a more mobile and technically gifted Boyd just a happy Negri? Would put happy Negri second as his scoring record pre-injury/unhappiness was unbelievable.
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