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  1. They didn't cancel it. They priced the club out of it. Cumbria Police were loving the Leeds/Millwall games. They get to milk the overtime that the public purse won't pay for anymore but they can strong-arm a football club into forking out for it. They managed to arrest 6 people for nothing at this weekends pre-season friendly as a "preventative measure". Those figures should help justify a bit more OT for the boys in future games.
  2. What a sorry state of affairs. Not just that some sad twat made it up, but the amount of people so desperate to get their 'RIP' message in before checking any kind of credible news source. Probably in hope that they might get RT'd and get some new followers.
  3. Can't work out whether the guy in the arab head gear is one of the prods or if he just wasn't moving for anyone. Looks like he would kick off if anyone touched that banana.
  4. Also check out the pensive boy in the jester hat. He seems to be wondering why they don't go home.
  5. I preferred Zola's vs Norwich... I noticed Sinisa Mihaijlovic in that Mancini clip and remembered his free-kick hat-trick...
  6. You mean Northumbria. Cumbria is a free-zone on naughty football songs.
  7. It was Danny Williams... Not so much a great fight but definitely a great ending!
  8. Corrales vs Castillo I Follow youtube for 2nd and 3rd parts of these... Carbajal vs Gonzalez http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq_dJQTYk1U follow youtube for 2nd and 3rd parts. Marquez vs Diaz You will probably also enjoy Micky Ward vs Augustus and Gatti vs Ivan Robinson and Gabriel Ruelas. All 'Fight Of The Year' winners. Barrera vs Morales trilogy was also very good.
  9. Is that the Bale in the spurs side today? Fake account. 1 tweet and only 2k followers.
  10. I knew she was pure filth! http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3819610/.html
  11. I would. Anyone catch football focus? Definitely looks like she married him for the money. Looked really awkward together in front of the cameras, really making a point to hold hands and make a show of it. Wonder how long it will be to the inevitable newspaper story about her shagging one of the players?
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