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  1. Prince of Wales? Get tae, he's the Duke of Rothesay to us.
  2. Definetly want dave king involved, if that means PM too dosent bother me.
  3. If they went with two leagues of 20, with the biggest 40 clubs in Europe (Stadium, local fanbase, worldwide appeal, attendance, etc), we'd be in there no bother.
  4. 1 Ayr Ticket For Sale, Rangers End. Edit: *** SOLD ***
  5. +1 Having been to Hamburgs ground, the whole CF should be rail seating. Anyone whos a ST holder in there should be given first choice if they want to retain their place, or they can get the choice of a decent seat elsewhere.
  6. Would be worthwhile finances wise if at home. If we offered any extra tickets to those willing to buy season tickets, we'd sell out of season tickets!
  7. Any VB admin want to PM me? I signed up for the forum a while back but still cant post.
  8. McMurdo's a fud, he'll probably be buzzing we're discussing him again.
  9. Officially Airdrie United were founded in 1965 according to the SFL website. Sadly since the merger the SPFL have caved in and claim they were formed in 2002.
  10. Wait, so you're saying Green and Co didn't actually put in the £5.5m to buy the club? Genuine question?
  11. Mather has done well in the small amount of time he has been CEO. Walter wants him to stay, that's good enough for me.
  12. Running costs of £30m + in a season? in the fourth tier? If that's the case it just confirms to me that the board needs a massive overhaul.
  13. I'm guessing your one of the ones that trusted Whyte well into administration due to there being no audited accounts?
  14. Yes confirmed by the companies financial director. If you believe that a club in Scotland's third/fourth tier should be spending £30m+ in 12 months then you are deluded.
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