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  1. Got to stick with this team for now I think
  2. Fantastic gestures from ours and the whole football community
  3. RIP Ryan Baird, One of our own from all at the Grangemouth RSC
  4. France to win it and Muller top goalscorer 35/1 looks tasty
  5. Winners - Germany Runners Up - France Top GoalScorer- Griezmann?
  6. Posh Spice is a slapper, She loves it up the bum, And when shes shagging Beckham, She dreams of Warburton
  7. Expect us to win by 2 or 3 goals.Our players have shown they can perform in big games. I will be watching in Ibrox Bar, Benidorm on a stag do. Flight leaves about 4 hours after final whistle
  8. Lees memento from title day, superb looking ,one off item
  9. A great touch from Harry Forrester towards Lee
  10. A few more pictures from today before I log off for the night
  11. Andy Halliday gave Lee his medal, then the gaffer gave his to Halliday. Great touch from them both
  12. What a day for Lee, he also received the gaffers league winning medal. And tonight he is meeting WWE stars at the Hydro. Proud of my team, and so proud of my wee pal Lee who is smashing cancer
  13. Been off for a while but lee is on his last dose of chemo and the lump has all but disappeared. If alls well he will be leading the team out tomorrow vs Alloa Heres a few pics from today
  14. Also Rangers to win both halfs is 20/1
  15. Halliday and Wallace both 20/1 1st goal and 7/1 to score anytime
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