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  1. Seemed like Brighton selling White + them desperate to sell Eduoard = Brighton bidding for Edouard. Papers at their best. There was a tweet rubbishing there even being an enquiry made let alone a bid. If Villa sell Grealish they'll be next linked with a bid.
  2. This. His plan A worked for a while when he was here, big flange is fucked already. Shame really
  3. Come on, a wee last minute sickener would be lovely here
  4. Some man is oor gaffer, you too mate cheers for the link
  5. Any links to the gaffer talking on sky sports? I've got RTV on
  6. A keep greeting, catching ma breath then just greeting again This is amazing
  7. I fucking love everyone one of you, our team, our management team, all backroom staff and every fucking bear the world over, years of strife but we're back bears, by fuck are we back HERE WE FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Always knew admin were good cunts really
  9. Kinda want to see you when you're riled up now @Scottywellhousetb
  10. Walking about like the joker wae a perma cheesy grin. You would make a fortune if you could bottle this feeling
  11. Woke up late, stuck the game on then jumped on here an seen this, I'm a mess already It's coming home bears, I hope the world is ready for this
  12. We're on our way, on our way To Gdańsk, we're on our way
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