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  1. Just after Ray died i was listening to Talksport on my lunchbreak and a guy called in and pretty much summed up Ray Wilkins with one short story RIP Butch, gem of a man.
  2. Agreed - whether we like it or not we have to become a selling club if we want our club to be on a sound financial footing. Even with the Europa League runs over the last couple of seasons we're still hemorrhaging money (Covid clearly hasn't helped of course) - it's unsustainable. We've held on to our best players over the last couple of years in order to once again regain our place at the top of Scottish football (hats off to the board for backing the gaffer) - from here on in i'd imagine we'll sell one or two of our best assets every year simply to balance the books. Of course w
  3. Take it you never watched the video? Sima gets a booking and his challenge wasn't really that high, just late.
  4. Davo's been excellent this season, he just reads the game better than anyone else. Every manager he's played under calls him a model professional too, so a great role model for the youngsters to look up to and learn from. I think he still has a lot to offer, and i'm happy we've got him tied down for another year - hopefully McGregor follows suit.
  5. What an absolute class act our gaffer is, really makes me proud to be a Rangers man.
  6. Yep - they're looking for anything to deflect from the real story........ i feel like we're used to this kind of pish tbh
  7. A Czech friend of mine sent me this message earlier: Clearly taken out of context as Roofe was laughing at the fact he was red-carded when he felt, in the moment, he shouldn't have been.
  8. See some of the replies to Glen's tweet from these Czech pricks, absolute fucking disgrace, just shows the overall mindset of those neanderthals.
  9. These days, no chance! The difference in finances just won't allow it to happen over a full season. The Sheepshaggers had every chance to win it when we were working our way back through the leagues and Ronny Delia was making an arse of it yet they still failed miserably. One-off matches, sure they can compete, and win domestic cups, but none of them are capable of doing it over a full league season.
  10. Nope, why? The Rangers i grew up watching treated every game like a cup final whether it was Marseille in the European Cup or East Fife in the League Cup, that's what i expect from my team, dedication and professionalism.
  11. Every match is just as important as the next at Rangers......... our club was built on high standards, thankfully Gerrard has brought those standards back. Thursday's a vital game, then when it's over sunday becomes a vital game, when that's done it's on to the next vital game - hopefully those standards never slip again.
  12. How the fuck does McBurnie keep getting selected? Couldnae score in a brothel wi a £50 note taped to his tadger
  13. Aye, apparently his granny went on holiday to Berwick one year so he qualifies to play for us........
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