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  1. Didn't realise we still had him? What a waste of wages he's been
  2. Yup, plus Furth have mustered 1 single point from 13 games......... gonna do wonders for his confidence!
  3. I'm on Series X now, but it was 4k 60fps on Xbox 1X when i was playing regular - looked awesome on the big Sony 4k hdr tv.......... i went all try-hard and switched to a monitor these days though hahahaha. Last time i was on there were 20+ full conquest servers on EU, maybe a dozen Ops servers too - i get around 90 ping to US east servers so that's more than playable too. At this point in time they should just make all DLC maps free but we know that ain't gonna happen, they're not even free on BF4! The first area on St Quentin Ops + Passchendale, that's what springs to mind when i think of WW1/trench warfare - what a great job they did there.
  4. Saw a clip recently from Embark studios, they're working on a shooter right now :)
  5. Yeah mate, you could tell just how much heart and soul went into BF1, really felt like a labour of love from the devs. The voicelines were class too, really added to the immersion........ and how about at the start of an Operations round when everyone charges forward with the big battle cry and whistles going........ might have to go reacquaint myself with BF1 tonight, been at least 2 weeks since i last played
  6. BF1 is quite possibly my all-time favourite game - the audio/soundtrack alone was phenomenal! Still remember my first ever round on it, playing with 3 friends, attacking on Kaiserschlacht Operations........ i was blown away! 5 years later i download the BF2042 10-hour trial through gamepass........ still has 8 hours left on it, it just aint a Battlefield game - don't know what the fuck it is tbh. All they had to do was give us the visuals and audio from BF1 + the movement and gunplay from BFV - update it into a modern setting and it would have been one of the best games of all time. Instead they released........ whateverthefuck that thing is??? :(
  7. Close, but surely Kammy missing the red card at Southampton has to take top spot, that's classic
  8. Connor Goldson should never again be seen wearing a Rangers shirt, the sad part is i know he will. That's the most pathetic shite i've ever heard from a Rangers player never mind our vice-captain, "at half-time, 3-1 down the game's over" - that's not a winners mentality, that's not Rangers mentality, get that shite as far away from my club as possible. He's been fucking pathetic all season, along with 90% of the other shitebags he calls teammates. I'm actually delighted Gerrard's fucked off because he keeps playing the same dross week after week. We've got a big squad (might be a bit weak at centre half right now thanks to the previous regime not accounting for injuries) - there's no excuse for sending out the same underperforming cowards week after week. Get McLauchlin in, get Patterson in, get Bassey in, get Kelly in, get Katic back asap (he may not be Richard Gough, but at least he always gave us his heart when he played). Strip Tav of the captaincy too while we're at it - he's already a proven shitebag after his comments in the match programme. McGregor looks like he's stayed on for a year too long - i love the guy but he's been shite this season. Barasic reminds me of the Barisic we saw when he first joined the club - weak. A year ago Kamara was running games for us, this season every game seems to pass him by. Davis still tries his best but seems to be running on empty right now. Don't even get me started on Morelos........ Aribo's looked decent this season, he still has the bit between his teeth in my eyes - Hagi, Kent - hot and cold, and far too much cold this season so far. Like to see more of Wright and Sakala, might not have the ability of others but they both at least look like their heart's in it. Apologies for the wall of text, kinda veered off the subject there...... i blame the whisky. Fingers crossed Gio can whip these weak-minded cunts into shape, or preferably, replace them in January.
  9. Yup. Laudo seemed to just glide over the turf, always looked faster with the ball at his feet too, what a player he was....... fucking love that man!
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