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  1. When the shite really hits the fan lol there will be an "SOS" made to the alky 👍
  2. This soap dodger will be appointed in a matter of weeks 👌 remember you heard it here first 🤣
  3. Ya fucking beauty !! a carelsberg Weekender 👌
  4. That Parks could never bring himself to give us any credit, one of the most bitterst media cunts you'll ever come across, he certainly can't handle what's happened this year and it's glorious to see.
  5. Aye that soap dodger bastard Gordon Parks 🤣 that cunt is the biggest yahoo of all of them, absolutely can't bring himself to give us any credit at all, he's hurting real bad right now. 👌
  6. Roger Hannah has us winning the treble this season 👌
  7. Jam tarts win the morra night they'll be there this Sunday haha.
  8. Honestly think that's the biggest red herring going that they have a big pile of cash in reserve, they like to troop that balance sheet out like it's some kind of security blanket, this past years wage bill for the scum will have wiped any thing they had for a rainy day well and truly out, if you ask me the books are cooked to look a certain way and give off a certain naritive, they cunts couldn't rub two penny's together imo, look at us we had no fucking money at all and still managed to build a team, granted the European runs have helped us massively.
  9. I agree, we never applied ourselves in the home game especially, I got slaughtered on here at the time for saying we never turned up, folk saying we were well beat, maybe so but if we had met Slavia earlier in the season then i think we'd have performed alot better against them, we had already proven that against superior opposition imo, we never got close to some of the performance levels we had show in earlier games.
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