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  1. I honestly don't think they've got the minerals to win that tie.
  2. Aye that midfielder from Livingston they've got doing the punditry said it lol,I remember thinking to myself, best full back in the league 😂 honestly just a scum fanzine that program, the main cunt that dose the program is fucking worse and he's ment to support the sheepshaggers.
  3. I think we'll beat the scum by a few at piggery, I've watched a few of their games this season and they're no a patch on Brenda's side, absolutely honking imo, they'll get beat on Thursday too just for good measure imo.
  4. Fucking got it in one, too happy to toe the party line.
  5. Absolutely right it's embarrassing, Hibs will never ever be anything else, shot their bolt last week lol watch them sink into obscurity now.
  6. Where the fuck is the wee snide kicks and noise ups today to try and rile them up, fucking no where to be seen, Jack Ross no interested in laughing today.
  7. Aye, agree we should have won it.
  8. Teams attatudes towards playing the scum is disgraceful, I mean look at Hibs today compared to last week, they can't even perform the basics, but it's no Rangers so is fine lol it's fucking shocking but if it keeps us in our place then that's next best to thing in this republican shite hole.
  9. I think that's pish, I think teams see them and shite the bed without even having a go, teams see us and because they hate us they try like fuck, it's that simple imo.
  10. Hivs, shite bags unless it is us their playing then they try like fuck.
  11. I agree with you about the real club we grew up supporting, something happened in this shite hole and we became public enemy no. 1. A concerted effort on every level from the immigrants, I hope the folk of this country wake up someday and see it for what it is, hate about everything British, using the SNP and brainwashing normal folk into their republican ways.
  12. That Clancy is a dirty stinking fenian bastard!
  13. It was Clancy for the Dundee Hivs, Don Robertson was against the other Hivs at the weekend there.
  14. It will only change when we find a new Walter Smith type manager that gets it and knows how to go about winning, fuck knows if that person is even out there anymore but that's what it will take.
  15. Hence why we have to be even better than we are if we're going to win anything in this shite hole.
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