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  1. I've no excitement for this game, in past season's you could feel the anticipation beforehand and generally the team never let us down. So far this season in Europe it's been hard watch if we are honest, I'm hoping the team can go out and put a performance in for the fans to get behind them, and maybe get some confidence up because it's been lacking in the European games imo.
  2. If they win they'll be just as good as scum so it's a fight for 3rd imo.
  3. McFadden and co have them going over to that mob they've just played today and winning easily 🤣 that team today were really bad but I suspect it'll be a different story at home.
  4. Spot on with this, one step forward two steps back is the way I see this season going for the scum, just listening to McFadden and the rest of the cheerleaders and it'll be the same on Clyde the night, they all have them back 🤣
  5. That miss at the weekend coupled with the result is why some folk are reacting, he's been out of form of late and hopefully we see him back on it asap.
  6. The world's best again according to bhbc schoatlan 🚑🏃🏃🏃
  7. Watch out! specky wanker will be calling you a freak for that kind of remark 😂
  8. A wasn't trying say there was a conspiracy ya fucking idiot
  9. Freak ? Ffs yer one of the biggest weapons on here 🤦
  10. Yeah especially the men in forward areas, fucking shocking effort
  11. Their players up front are just standing letting the scum pass right round about them without any pressure on the ball.
  12. That mob the scum are playing are an utter disgrace for a so called champions League team from last season, fucking ridiculous effort from them.
  13. The team have been trying to do just enough in games this season, alot of the time as soon as we score we start trying to cruise it, it'll work some of the time but it's already caught us out twice at Ibrox, There's been changes implomented and we've become poorer for it imo.
  14. Thought his distribution today was very slow and too safe at times when he could have started quick attacks, still making good saves but what can you say when a mistake like that occurs, he's won us more points than he's lost us, the team will need to go on a run now, put today behind us.
  15. It definitely feels like that right now, if we can get a performance on Thursday from him he might kick into gear, more hope than anything though, today he just looked uninterested.
  16. He's needing took out the team for a few league games, probably score on Thursday right enough 🤔
  17. This is a stupid question but I'll ask it anyway, will the team wear this and if so when?
  18. The fucking manager is honking, lucky as fuck imo, Scotland should have been two or three down in the first half, things just seem to work out for the alky looking bastard.
  19. Patterson should have been on earlier, we'd have had a better attacking performance, Clarke ya wanker!
  20. He's fucking murder, on hundreds of thousands a pounds a month too 🤔
  21. Every change he's made hasn't worked, Clarke is a fucking weapon of a manger imo.
  22. There would be some sort of paper trail regards those teams hiring facilities, payments and the like, would celtic boys club be doing the same?
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