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  1. just God Save Our Queen and Chelsea Rangers hello hello
  2. God knows mate , but im pretty sure it wasn't Chelsea fans but judging by the foreighn accent it probably was
  3. Genk fans singing You'll never walk alone and just cant get enough ha ha sore losers . Chelsea fans replying with a few Rangers songs for good measure
  4. moving to the premier league i reckon Ibrox would be full every week .
  5. i would just like to say thank you on behalf of us Chelsea fans to the Rangers fans who made Saturday such an enjoyable day . Ive never met a friendlier bunch of people and hopefully we can have you at Stamford Bridge some time in the near future , Good luck this season hope you make it a 55th .
  6. i cant help you with the Stoke game but ive got 3 memberships i can use so if you or anyone else on this forum ever need any for other games ( especially home games ) theres a Goood chance i can help you out . just add me on Facebook or p.m me
  7. unless chelsea get their finger out and buy a few players of substantial quality then the title will only be going 1 place. i agree completely . Chelsea are behind United and City in the title race next season in my opinion . All we need is a creative midfielder in the form of a Modric type player and 1 winger to provide some pace and width . Without these two types of players i think we will really struggle to compete next year .
  8. Surely not the worst quite a reasonable opinion .
  9. To be fair he has been injured through most of the season . When hes been fit hes played really well and given us a bit of flair in a otherwise unimaginative team , i think and hope he will get more game time this year especially with Essien out .
  10. i agree he should at least start every game in the cup .
  11. Good player for us , he adds a bit of creativity and vision to the team .
  12. Yes mate the Gers have always been my second team and im going to try to get up to ibrox more often . Ile see you in the Lord Nelson on the day then mate , thanks for the invite . Im sure we will have you at the Bridge in the next couple of years hopefully next year .
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