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  1. Was enjoying reading that until I got to the end and saw who you have us pumping in the final, then the penny dropped and I realised you were taking the piss. There is no chance Arsenal are getting to the final 😂😂😂
  2. Ive got a mate who used to work with them too, plus he is a good Bluenose to boot. Might ping him a message and see if he knows anyone who could help.
  3. Did they approach the Battle of Britain memorial flight to see if they could do it instead?
  4. I get that, but when it's for POTY, surely officer doofy should be first name on the list?
  5. Also, why is Shane Duffy not on that list?
  6. Tag, Goldson and McGregor all sharing the award. Too hard to separate them this season.
  7. Lennon acting like whiney little taig, quell surprise.
  8. Definitely got to be a better brand of coffee
  9. That was always going to be a given, unless some other sooper dooper fenian throws their lot in.
  10. I don't know why, but they 2 vids had me laughing more than I should 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Capt Sir Tom Moore more than earned the right to go to Barbados. It was a destination that was on his bucket list, and after some of the places he had to visit back in the 40's, he fully deserved it. His family probably knew it was their last chance for a family holiday too. The money he raised was £33M, not £100M, and it was for NHS staff to improve their working conditions, such as rest rooms etc. He also helped to lift the spirits of the nation during some of our darkest days since WW2. I for one have absolutely no issues with him taking the trip of a lifetime. It is just such a s
  12. I don't think it makes any difference that Duffus is not starting, the sheep shaggers are going out of their way to make sure the tinkers get second place!
  13. I can't remember when I saw it, but someone had made up either a wanted or missing poster for Terry Munro, with some big inbred looking mutant on it. Would look fantastic as a massive banner that would cover most of Copland Front, so it would be seen every time we have a game on live for the rest of the season.
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