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  1. I was disappointed when Aterta left to go back to Spain due to being homesick. I was fucking raging when he signed for Everton the following season.
  2. That's what I did, cancelled my EE contract and took out a SIM only deal with Smarty, 20gb data a month, unlimited texts and calls, £10 a month, plus got cashback through topcashback
  3. Do the lucky few who get into the test event , have to revise for the test?
  4. I wonder if TLB still thinks his players should be the standard bearers on how to behave during covid? https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18637442.neil-lennon-calls-celtic-players-standard-bearers-aberdeen-coronavirus-outbreak/
  5. Cheers for the info, we have talked about installing a sound system in the corners of the pergola, but haven't decided 100% yet. Unfortunately, a tv is a no go, as it would cover the slate cladding we put in, plus at least with a projector/screen, it can be put away when not in use.
  6. Was thinking of using it to watch football, rugby, F1 and movies with the boy at a weekend. The old projector I have at the moment has a built in speaker, not the loudest, but more than ample for what I want. If needed, I would get some pc speakers if a different projector didn't have built in ones. I currently have a white ikea pull down blind as a screen, although I am thinking of getting a proper screen. Neighbours one side are sound, would probably have a word to see if they wanted to watch the footie, otherwise I would be considerate when watching stuff. The other side is a tot
  7. Nah, he is just one of life gutless, shite bags You might be onto something! Could be! He most definitely is, has proved it to us many times, typical pape that he is.
  8. The cunt tried stealing some of my land when we bought the place, then has lied almost every time I've had to speak to him. Likes to hide behind his wife too, all round cock womble.
  9. Cheers for the helpful info guys. No worries about my neighbour spoiling any movie, the gutless cunt is shit scared of me!
  10. Does anyone have a big screen/projector set up in their garden? I'm looking at setting myself up in the back yard to watch football and movies and I'm after recommendations for a projector that is good quality, without bankrupting myself. I tried using an old projector I had in the loft, but the lumens on it just isn't good enough to use in anything but complete darkness.
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