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  1. He’s just stating what we already knew. Players need to be sold. They’ve been putting money in to a company running at a loss for years and it can’t continue. I think he was verbalised the squad by saying £200m. Realistically I can see one or two of our more valuable assets being sold (a Kamara and Morelos) which should bring in £35m. That would balance the books and we can move on from there.
  2. That’s horrific. Probably broke her fucking nose.
  3. TMB


    Morelos does all this exceptionally well.
  4. TMB


    There’s a pinned thread at the top of the forum which shows how many goals and assists the players have across all competitions. Your criticism is that Morelos wasn’t scoring as much as Roofe or Kent, well, he is. I’d also add that Morelos drops deeper than Arfield many times in an effort to create space. Look at the Galatasaray game for example. Morelos drops deep, Arfield runs in to the space left, we get a goal from it.
  5. TMB


    Morelos has 7 goals this season. That’s the same number as Roofe and Arfield. Kent has scored 6. So they’re scoring the same amount of goals. You said they’re all playing the same position but “the others are scoring”, when in fact they’re all scoring.
  6. TMB


    The lad runs non-stop but his fitness is bad? Must be watching different games.
  7. 500k for winning the game, with a further 500k if we win the group, so there's £1m up for grabs. With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if Rangers go all out to beat Poznan.
  8. TMB


    I’ve been hearing this for weeks now. His pass completion rate is always around 80%. This idea that he’s passing to the opposition all the time is a myth.
  9. TMB


    I don’t think it was an “off day”. He worked as hard as he could and done his best to make things happen. As I said, he’s putting himself about, winning free-kicks in dangerous areas, laying it off for the midfielders, he just needs a goal.
  10. TMB


    I’m giving you an objective view based on watch I just watched. He did the job that was asked of him. It was far from “pathetic”.
  11. TMB


    If he can’t get a start at home to Livingston or Hamilton I doubt there’s much chance he’ll start at the weekend.
  12. TMB


    He was holding up the ball in their half, laying it off, winning free-kicks (which we nearly scored from), all he lacked was a goal. His performance was far from “pathetic”. He does his job extremely well he just needs to start finding the net more.
  13. Seemed like a good performance to me. We didn’t dominate they way we normally do against SPFL opposition but that’s to be expected. We came up against a good quality European team and won. We scored 3 and it could’ve been a few more if not for their keeper having an outstanding match.
  14. Obviously the club don’t sell unless they want to. But you’ve heavily implied no players will be sold in January. There’s no evidence to support that.
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