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  1. He’s tall, he’s fast, he brings the ball out of defence. He’s their best CB. When he leaves celtic will be a lot weaker because of it.
  2. celtic fans will need to spend the lockdown watching Rangers win the league
  3. Simple answer is NO. Why? Because this is how they make their living. Invent stories and sell them on for profit to a readership that wants so desperately for it to be true. I'm still amazed that Angela Haggerty made a career at the Herald based on a Rangers hating blog. All she had was a HND.
  4. Ajer is a very good CB and I'll be happy when he leaves in all honesty. I'm glad our team won the game, and the league, we can send Ajer off a loser :)
  5. Must've misread your post. Glad we're in agreement. He's some player.
  6. This is easily the best response to my OP. When I seen the celtic strikers split it creates space between them (because our CBs follow). Then midfielders like Turnbull have that space to run in to. It's a formation that works when used properly. As I said in the OP, not sure how much celtic's success was down to there formation, or did we have an off day? I suppose we wont know until someone tries it again.
  7. I don't think saying he's EPL quality is ridiculous in all honesty. He can clearly play at that level. I didn't think that much of him at first but he could very well be one of our best players now. I think he is!
  8. I read he was taken off at halftime with an injury. I had previously thought Hagi was brought o to make a tactical change. So, giving Roofe the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the last Old Firm.
  9. I didn't get the hype around Roofe when he first signed in all honesty. Some players you look at their highlight reels and get excited. You'd look at Ryan Kent highlights and be amazed at the step overs, going past people, etc. Roofe doesn't need all that. Roofe is intelligent and technical. I'd compare him to Naismith 10 years ago. Drifts around, finds space in the box, and gets goals. He's very dangerous and a key player for Rangers. I actually think he has EPL quality so we're very lucky to have him here.
  10. When I seen celtic were going with that formation I thought we'd pump them TBH. Was amazed it worked as well as it did. They won the midfield battle, kept our full-backs in their own half, and spent a large portion of the game on the front foot because of it. I wonder if more teams will start using this formation against us moving forward. It could be that Rangers simply had an off day and the way the opposition setup is getting too much credit. Time will tell. I also wonder why Rangers don't use a formation like the diamond 4-4-2 as a plan B. We currently play a wide 4-3-3 and switching to a narrow 4-4-2 would give us a different option when things aren't going well, like today. Morelos and Itten as a strike partnership with Roofe or Hagi behind, as the tip of the diamond, could be deadly. Kent has been off the boil recently so it could be a way of resting him, or giving Itten game time without sticking him wide.
  11. He's a good Rangers man and I enjoy his punditry. I wouldn't want him removed from that role we need as many as we can in the media. McCann and Boyd are the only two I can think of.
  12. When Rangers fans say Morelos is being targeted by opposition players and officials this is one of the first videos that should be given in evidence.
  13. When Jamie Walker took ma dive at Tynecastle Brown came out after the game and called him a cheat. Now, the definition of cheat is "act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage" which is exactly what Scott Brown did today. Will he be remembered for his defense splitting passing? His wonderful goals? No, he just 'gets in peoples faces'. Guy's a nothing player, and always has been.
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