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  1. Most probably will be tonight Given it’s Friday, and everyone’s in lockdown, it’ll only fuel the rage. Tonight should be comedy gold.
  2. They spent big in the summer and I think COVID and a lack of crowds has lasted longer than they anticipated. They’re more likely to sell than buy IMO.
  3. I heard Sutton called Lennon delusional. Anyone got that interview?
  4. That Benfica team is worth about £200m. Before this double header I thought anything we got against them would be a bonus. We've drawn with them twice which is absolutely fine. We've got two games left and we only need a result in one of them to guarantee qualification. Domestically a draw in the league would be a disaster, but in Europe it really isn't. We're flying right now in Europe and domestically enjoy it.
  5. I thought he was signed as a striker. Really impressed by him as an attacking midfielder. Very intelligent and plenty of ability. He’s a huge asset and could end up being one of our best players. Kent, Morelos, and Roofe are a nightmare for teams to handle. Airfield has returned to form but Aribo or Hagi could step in there if need be. Rangers are very strong right now.
  6. I really hope Morelos can get a couple of goals tonight.
  7. I think Balogun will play instead of Helander tonight. Benfica have plenty of pace and Helander seemed to struggle with it over in Portugal.
  8. celtic had a scout at the St.Johnstone v Motherwell game a few days ago to have a look at him. It seems his performances haven’t gone unnoticed.
  9. I actually think Beale would leave Rangers if the right managers job came along. There was rumours that a club from down South were going to offer him a managers position at one point. I think other teams see his value. If we win the league this season the Rangers job is Gerrard’s for as long as he wants it. If he does move on I would hope the club do everything they can to make Beale our manager but it would be a seamless transition.
  10. 2023 isn’t long enough. Should be a 5 year contract which guarantees he stays here during his best years or Rangers get a massive payday.
  11. TMB


    5. Herrera, Senderos, Grezda, Lafferty, MOH 4. Morelos, Kent, Barisic, Kamara 3. Vuckic, Candeias, Alves. 2. Mendes, Laudrup 1. Harry Wilson (He’s available on a pre-contract in January)
  12. It’s going to be the ‘night of the long knives’ for Lennon. All the celtic fans calling up to demand his sacking. If Sparta best them on Thursday it’ll ramp up to fever pitch. All week long this’ll be essential listening
  13. TMB


    Some players can’t cope with the pressure from the large crowds, others thrive on it. Kent is another who I’d say thrives on it. Even at Parkhead Kent is unintimidated and actually enjoys getting the better of them there.
  14. TMB


    No player is above criticism. If you want to slate Morelos for a bad pass that might have cost us on another day then fair enough. But, try to remember the overwhelming amount of good he’s done for this team in the past, is still doing, and will continue to do until the day he’s sold. He’s the best centre forward at the club and that wont change until the day he’s sold.
  15. Lille spent 27m on Jonathan David from Genk to be their striker. He hasn’t scored a goal yet. They could come back in for Morelos in January. They must be kicking themselves they didn’t just buy him in the first place TBH.
  16. There’s little moments when we start playing one touch stuff that is of the highest level. It’s something you would expect to see at Arsenal under Wenger. We weren’t capable of that during the last two seasons but we’re doing it now. I don’t think it’s something you can start doing overnight and it’s taken years to get here but we’re seeing glimpses of brilliance at times. If this team keeps developing the way it has been under Gerrard who knows how far we can go. Next season we could be champions, playing champions league football.
  17. Today the commentator said Rangers are happy to kick the ball back to the defense and start again. Would that be happening if crowds were there? Our fans want everything to be a forward pass. We’re notorious for it. People were constantly on Barry Ferguson’s back about sideways passing. Advocaat specifically addressed this subject at one point. I believe Rangers have been able to develop and play a brand of football that our supporters may not have had the patience for otherwise. But that is speculation on my part. Right now the fans not being allowed in is benefitting celtic
  18. TMB


    Every footballer makes a slack pass “at times”. Does Morelos do it often enough as to deserve criticism? No.
  19. TMB


    If Rangers signed Morelos for £1m during the summer and we were getting this return of goals, assists, and overall play from him we would be more than satisfied. Especially when you consider how much celtic spent on donkeys like Ajeti and Klimala. The problem is, Morelos has set such high standards in the past that people want to see 28 goals before Christmas again. They want to see him break more European records. They want to see a 20m Columbian internationalist blowing teams away. The fans need to accept that his role in the team has changed. He may not be scoring as many as
  20. TMB


    This isn't true. His pass completion rate has been very high for most of the season (above 80%). For a striker Morelos vary rarely gives the ball away. There was a slack pass or two today but let's not pretend that's the norm.
  21. Strongest team possible. A win puts us through to the last 16. Rangers can rotate the squad more for the final couple of games.
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