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  1. If this is newsworthy how is upwards of 50,000 chanting Orange B###### not? 28 August 2013 BBC Scotland glasgow&west Transport police hunt fans over sectarian singing Six men are being sought following reports of drinking and sectarian singing on a train from Cumbernauld to Glasgow Queen Street. The group, aged between 16 and 19, are thought to have been travelling to the Rangers v Berwick Rangers Ramsdens Cup tie at Ibrox on Tuesday night. The train left Cumbernauld at 18:20 and arrived at Queen Street at 18:55. British Transport Police appealed for anyone with information about the identity of the men to get in touch. PC Caroline James said: "This obnoxious behaviour is totally unwarranted and other passengers not attending the match should be able to travel without encountering it."
  2. The media silence on this tells it's own story Bears at games or even on this site have been lifted for much less
  3. Really is pathetic mate there's plenty of valid criticisms of SOS and the Paul Murray camp if you need to use timmy propagandist prove your point your argument can't be that strong.
  4. Agree with lots of the points made about SOS using bhitter pricks like Gibbons to bash fellow bears is a joke
  5. No argument from me on Paul and his crew but what I cant understand is the support for the current board one things for sure they definitely dont have our best interest at heart
  6. All valid points first thread in awhile that's made me question my position on the current board fact is they have been shambles at best.
  7. I don't care about ANY fan group They don't care about me All I care about is Rangers FC divided we fall
  8. Divide and conquer and some bears are falling for it mainly down to a lack of leadership.
  9. It was from an article in the Express just left out all the anti Rangers propaganda witch was most of it.
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