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  1. Great gesture....all the best to you too, Play Up Pompey
  2. I'm sure there was a bit of early Bouncy Bouncy going on as well.....
  3. Brilliant!!...I was in there....my brothers stag weekend...amazing day
  4. Thanks by the way to all the bears who welocmed me.....but begining to wish I hadn't bothered
  5. Hi Mate...good luck I guess it's Timmy until proven innocent.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I guess I'm old school now but I loved it when we sang The Sash at Ibrox.
  7. Yeah...been viewing RM for a while...decided to join today
  8. Who's a Pape? WTF, thanks for the welcome!!
  9. Just joined and just wanted to say hello to my Fellow Bears. And with all the current transfer/contract stuff.....just to remember 'We are Rangers....'
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