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  1. Have they drawn this season? Could we atleast be first to do that?
  2. Tav to bang a free kick from 35 yards, run to our end and take off his t shirt to show a vest with the words "WELCOME PEDRO" all in union jack font.
  3. Got 2 quid on us @ 28/1 for 58.. surely those odds are mental? Everybody get on that. sky bet if anyone's interested.
  4. When we win the league i want Halliday in the crowd doing it.
  5. St Mirren fans are absolutely atrocious. Only song i hear from them is about us.
  6. Quality player. Be suprised if i never see him at a bottom Epl team like Norwich or Albion.
  7. Langfield should have retired as soon as he became aware of any footballing interest at a young age, probably better at Admin anyway.
  8. Hahahaha yasssssss. Playin shite but winning. There's yer champions elect ya judging pricks.
  9. Fuck off you scum bag bastard, tarrier or not - ban this cunt.
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