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  1. That'll do, we're in with a shout of getting through with that draw.
  2. I know he's scored our goal and then shows some sympathy for a fellow player and still cunts moan at him.
  3. McGregor.how many times he's stopped us from going behind and saving us points is a big reason why we're at the top.
  4. If that happens do the scummy cunts have to give us a guard of honour ?
  5. I'm just glad i could help a fellow bear,fkin royal mail though what about them ?
  6. We're due a decent performance and this mob are pish so it's 4-0 to Rangers , no probs.
  7. i had to go back and read that again as i missed that bit. ffs how long is the cover up for the celtic scum going to be ?
  8. There you go mate ,the other one is the game after when we played Dundee utd and you got that. Free to a bear
  9. I went on the rm twitter page to try and find out, ffs i don't know if it's me but it says there's no activity since 2019 , i just checked before this post and it's still saying that.
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