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  1. Game has just kicked off in my back garden. Minutes silence respected apart from the arsehole weans a few doors down on a trampoline.
  2. I hope its added to our honours list.
  3. He'll be raging missing out on all the Twitter likes.
  4. My Mrs and her Maw have put on 6 horses for tomorrow using my Hills app. Jammy bastards will no doubt get something back.
  5. Steve Guttenberg thinks Everton will win on Monday.
  6. I was wanting to know what Greg Stewart had for dinner aswell.
  7. wully


    I went to sign the wean up for a Borngers membership seeing as the young supporters club got done away with and its payday. It doesn't even let me log in anymore since they banned me, might register with the wife's email address later.
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