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  1. As another poster rightly said I'm a daft cunt, I'm a fan first and foremost that's why I come on and at times I've been addicted to posting on here. I'll still keep coming on unless my account is deleted so that's what needs to happen. It's best for me and it's best for the rest of the forum members.
  2. I made it public because admin do not listen to me, I've asked them a couple of times to close my account and they don't. I'm hoping this sparks them into action. Cheers anyway
  3. i have no doubt lots of people will love the melt down even although my wife lost her job and i'm about to lose mine i'm used to it, if you could contact more admin i'd be more than grateful
  4. You're right, i'm a dickhead admin please delete my account, i've asked plenty of times privately yet it's still active, i don't get on with anyone on here, i don't contribute anything positive to the forum please just delete, this will just add to my being a joke figure i'm sure everyone will be more than happy with it @gogzy @cushynumber please just put me out of my misery
  5. When I can, but admittedly not a lot now. Working down south put a downer on going to games.
  6. We should shove the excess tickets up their arse. I’d rather we go refused and told them we should have been given the tickets at the start with and thank the sheep for poor ticket sales.
  7. We’re taking our chances so well, we need to keep the momentum going beyond this game
  8. We needed to win our home game against the weakest team in the group ooooo penalty
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