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  1. give him some gear and take him to see boab malcolm just say "I could do with an icecream" boab will magically turn up, and tell boab to say he's gerrard. your lad will be amazed that gerrard doesn't just manage Rangers, but hands out icecream
  2. Have to disagree with that, he was quite poor at the beginning and is getting better and better. It's only since coulibaly was injured Ejaria stepped up. Everyone was raving about coulibaly, with Ejaria showing the odd glimpse of his talent. The lad was clearly not match fit at the start. I also feel he is starting to be more direct - in the past he fucked about too much and ended up losing the ball when he could have easily just played a simple pass. I'm glad to see he's starting to be more effective.
  3. it pains me to say it, but i agree
  4. Touche, but I have to say... it isn't my real name.
  5. Why am I such a wanker but don't have two first names?!?! guess there's always an exception to the rule
  6. We're in for a game tomorrow with Hearts that's for sure, I'm not entirely confident we'll win that one. Spartak are no mugs either. The rest I'm confident about... but we were confident with Livingston and Motherwell.
  7. why do we need to talk about this dick on a delightful night like this???
  8. "Come on, we need your post code" Strange celebration
  9. Can we do this? ...they might say it's not fare...
  10. we don't say special needs any more, it's insulting use mongs or nothing please
  11. I say, a true Rangers fan has a bit of class about him, throwing coins when you're in a big crowd of people isn't exactly what I'd say constitutes a real Rangers supporter. Just a dick.
  12. Are there any of them no genuinely retarded anyway?
  13. How can we prove they’re no being fare?
  14. Doesn’t look like it to me, after he’s being called a fucking idiot it makes me think the poster is on the neutral/negative side to the guy
  15. I think the thread starter has some valuable feedback... Looks like he has a tail as well
  16. That's ok by me, but fine them severely if they don't sell at least 45% of the tickets.
  17. The arrogance of us not having to worry about Hearts, just celtic is too.
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