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  1. Thomson says he's desperate to see Sakala open his legs up and see what he's got in the tank 😂 sounds a bit gay Thommo
  2. They are in easy street. Making millions out of the same game every year. All they do is change the colour of the menus.
  3. Spain currently 2/1 to win the Olympics fitba. Taking a class squad compared to every cunt else. Including six from the EUROs; Olmo, Eric Garcia, Pau Torres, Pedri, Oyarzabal and Simon. Also taking Ceballos, Asensio and Soler. 2/1 looks decent.
  4. Fleetwood, Hatton, Mcintyre, Van Rooyen, Jazz and Westwood all EW.
  5. Love the pain. Wait till were lifting 56 end of the season and their having brain aneurysms.
  6. FARA with 3x axial arms is class. Using thag with Milano the now
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