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  1. Needs to cut out the dramatic play acting pish. Canny tolerate it.
  2. Hate to be negative while we're surrounded by positives but I can't be fucked with Hagi tbh. Offers little and can't hack his play acting.
  3. Seriously tho ill never get gerrards attitude with subs. Makes no sense.
  4. Benfica are a very good European side BTW. You can see from this game they should be in the CL
  5. Glen Kamara could play with any cunt in Europe. The boy is a pure footballer. Could easily slot into Juve, City, Inter etc.
  6. Got Tottenham in the last qualifying round away. Fucking 2-0 down after 30 minutes Kane double and won 3-2. Two from Kent and a 118th minute Itten winner. Won every game so far after 14 in the league. Is the game too easy or am I a genius?
  7. About to post the same thing, don't like it at all. Aside from they graphics tho the games a lot nicer and smoother I feel. Saves in about 3 seconds too.
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