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  1. Got Apex a couple months ago but struggled to get into it. Used to warzone and its just a different speed and there's alot more shit to understand than in warzone. Did win my 2nd game but which was chuffed about with 6 kills 😁
  2. That De Laet looked like Ned Schneebly from School of Rock.
  3. Quite a few going off in Ardrossan today
  4. Rebirth trios is frantic. If u don't get a good kit when landing ur fucked. Helps when ur team communicates too.
  5. We weren't great last night but Antwerp a clearly a well drilled solid wee outfit. Just showed again hoe suited we are to Europe. A coupe of signings away from being some team at that stage. Canny believe Roofes injured again and mad Tav went off after the carry on with Patterson. Big Balogun was immense but for a 32 year old no playing at Wigan, to slot in at RB in European knockout fitba is no mean feat.
  6. Probably need to play about with your sensitivity aswell. I was using far too high a sensitivity because I like to be able to turn rapid but my aiming accuracy was awful. Put it right down to 3 and slowly worked up to I got to a speed where I can aim on point but also dont feel as slow as a snail. Also learning the recoil from guns can help massively. As sRcFoCt says the FFAR is a beast aslong as you can control the recoil on it. Shreds cunts. I've actually maxxed out the FFAR just from using it off the ground
  7. This is what I'm worried about. Canny have our youth players tanning hoagies now.
  8. The 50 v 50 TDM the now is a good way to rank your weapons up. Using the Stoner the now trying to get that up to a level. The now I'm playing a couple of games of that first to warn up, then some rebirth and into Verdansk.
  9. Aye I did say it was his best game in a whole. I don't get ur point.
  10. Kents best game in a while the day. Hagi did have a wee spurt of form there but don't rate him really he's not at the level we need. Csnt have players that turn in 2 or 3 good games for every 10 played.
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