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  1. I've never liked the cunt and essentially stopped watching F1 cos I was sick of him. Can't even pinpoint why just seems like an utter wee tadger.
  2. He's a clever player but most games this season I've felt he's been invisible. Probably more to do with the way we set up than him personally but would like to see him playing a more pivotal role.
  3. Aye he is. Raikkonen and Alonso having a wee ding dong earlier auld bastards
  4. I stopped watching about 6 or 7 years ago just the odd race now. Just canny be fucked with Hamilton rather anybody else won
  5. Looked like some lbgt cunt. Mon verstappen!
  6. Morelos fucked it. Sick of him missing sitters he looks so unconventional. Can get away with it when were winning
  7. Canny have our striker missing so many good chances it's unacceptable. If Morelos scores a couple of them sitters it's over
  8. Apparently not much difference between this and the already available versions on these consoles. I just played through vice city on ps4 a few months ago so doubt Ill get it but would need to see the differences before
  9. Dono some were a bit rank. One thag always comes to mind was Cowdenbeath away, stuck behind they fences and it was baltic, snotters freezing on my face.
  10. Gave up on it but cos ferry is a horrible wee cunt and Kyle is as tarrier as u get. Funnily enough Slane was the more sound out the lot. Halliday was OK to start with but turning into a proper media player.
  11. Anyone else hear/see that wee prick Cundy on talksport ridiculing Newcastke as a small club, the cunt is clearly on somethinf his jaw was swinging and had all the mannerisms of cunts I know that take loafs of gear. He's a ckueless wee prick anyway Cundy
  12. I mind hearing some cunt on that tarrier podcast open goal saying he was in the bog smokin fags before kick off at Ibrox.
  13. Shagger Patterson Me Goldson Bassey Lundstram Davis Aribo Hagi Morelos Barker
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