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  1. Never heard of FF, I searched Fan Tokens and came across that article in the results. Strange that others are like-minded! Boggles your mind, right!
  2. Good work by Bisgrove and his team to find a company we don't already have a partnership with. Maybe the SPFL should be talking to Bisgrove to help them find a Sponsor! Wee Article on Fan Tokens - https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/154946/why-crypto-fan-tokens-are-coming-to-f1
  3. Would be interesting to know Rangers current stance on Rangers Megastore Website operated by SD Gers Store Online Website Operated By Elite
  4. I enquired about Personalisation and missing Seko and Tomket Tires on the Pro Top a few weeks ago! This is the reply i got from Castore:- Seko and Tomket Tires were late sponsorships to the Rangers FC Team, Rangers have made the decision with the sponsors to not include them on the shirts available for sale for the team for this season. At this time Personalisation is only available in the Ibrox store and the service will restart when the store reopens. We are looking into offering this for online orders in the future, but can not confirm a date for the service at this ti
  5. Good Move - We really have dropped the ball with these kind of things over the years. I agree, but we actually have no idea if the club actually spoke to Castore about some of the issues surrounding the range they had on offer, i would be shocked if the club did not sought out answers in regards to some of the failings,
  6. In a wide-ranging chat, the current Rangers manager speaks with real candour about his coaching and management style, reveals EXACTLY what happened at half-time in Istanbul and picks his favourite striker to play alongside. But is it Luis Suarez or Fernando Torres? Gerrard also reflects on the infamous slip, a moment he calls ‘the worst day of his life’.
  7. I have to say the whole Match Hub aspect on the application seems really good.
  8. I understand, but when you are logged into the new club app, and you browse to say MYGERS,VIP,HELP,PARTNERS,COMMERCIAL,SOCCER ACADEMY,IBROX they show another sign-on icon in the header on these pages - basically due to it is basically just placing the main website pages into an app layout. Just seems slightly confusing. I would of thought those sections would have removed the header and banner like News, Teams, Matches, Galleries etc to prevent the confusion. Also you could of left some of the pages off the app and if you really needed to visit those pages you could of went to the cl
  9. Good Shout, never looked at it like that! - Will be interesting,,,
  10. The new version of the RTV App cannot be side-loaded,unsure if someone will figure-out a way to get it working in the future though. I would presume that the developers have some-kind of code built into the app to prevent this. Although saying that the new RangersTV Platform is still provided by the same company who provided the old platform. I am also convinced i saw them running some test streams on the platform earlier this week too.
  11. I think you need to have an active VPN when you visit the new RangersTV site in order for the international subscription offerings to display.
  12. I would imagine a new shirt sponsor deal to replace 32Red at the end of the season has already been finalised. Because Bisgrove and his team appear to be working wonders!
  13. Bisgrove and his team are working wonders!
  14. You are correct, strange NordVPN did not offer some=kind of limited deal for Rangers fans. They done this for Liverpool when they announced the partnership - To launch the partnership, NordVPN will be offering Reds fans a 30-day money back guarantee for new customers signing up at nordvpn.com/LFC, and a special offer on protection for three years at the equivalent of $2.99 per month.
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