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  1. Christ taking manufacturing advice from Castore,for your own in-house manufacturing!, Does not soundlike it will be temporary.
  2. The Wolves Castore deal seems slightly odd to me Castore doing the Pro ranges they know how ro do well, obviously the pricing of these products will be high! Whilst Wolves will do the replica range in-house it seems under licence from Castore
  3. Just wondering has anyone actually asked Castore. what quality control checks are done in the manufacturing process of Rangers items. It does not look like Castore own any manufacturing facilities, just seems everything is outsourced from that point of view hence why i asked the above question. You would think someone from Castore would inspect the items at different stages of the manufacturing process. If the above was done, then i would expect you would not see as much irregularity between the same items. Basically Castore should put the same effort into its own products
  4. Personally i think this a fantastic idea. Interesting line here Profits from the Rangers Champions Wall will be reinvested in the wider Ibrox footprint to assist in the club’s plans to truly enhance our historic stadium and the matchday experience. The company doing the Champions Wall has worked with the likes of Aresnal,Leicester City and our club partner HSV Hamburg just to name a few.
  5. I was under the impression only certain parts of the pitch was hybrid e.g penalty boxes and the rest was grass.
  6. Yes, Rangers currently lay a new pitch at the beginning of every season. I would imagine the club at this moment in time would be looking to install some-kind of hybrid pitch. (was a Hybird pitch not meant to be installed a few years ago!) I think a hybrid pitch can last for approximately 8 years. could be longer if properly maintained, Whilst i understand the initial investment would be significant, surely it would save some money in the long run.
  7. Castore seems to have linked up with our Logistics Partner Seko Logistics, well the delivery packaging of the Champions top has Seko Logistics name on it. I don't remember seeing any other item i have ordered from Rangers Store in the past have the address of Seko Logistics on it.
  8. Surely it was just to give an idea and the club will know it is incorrect. Personally i think this is a fantastic idea and good to see they are using the profits generated from this in improving the wider Ibrox footprint to assist in the club’s plans to truly enhance our historic stadium and the matchday experience.
  9. Rangers have clinched an extended shirt sponsorship deal with 32Red ahead of their Premiership title defence and return to the Champions League next term. The new multi-year arrangement will see the partnership between Rangers and 32Red - which started seven years ago - become one of the longest-running deals in British football. As part of the contract, 32Red will continue to host their 'Team Talk' initiative that uses Rangers as a platform for supporters to share their stories and discuss their mental health. Boss Steven Gerrard took part in a Zoom call with fans last week as
  10. Rangers Champions 55 - Blended Malt Scotch Whisky This Limited Edition Scotch Whisky celebrates a particularly special season for Rangers Football Club. We have hand-selected 55 Single Casks of aged Highland Single Malt to represent a world record 55 league titles and expertly married them together. The resulting Whisky, proudly offered without colouring or chill-filtration, reveals rich honeycomb with creamy cereal sweetness alongside vanilla’d oak and butterscotch. Sip, savour and celebrate a historic season for Scotland’s most successful Football Club. https://Rangers.do
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