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  1. Ha Ha. Taigs on Facebook are screaming 'match fixing'!! Fuck off Declan you bead rattling fenian bastards.
  2. 2nd back page of Sundays programme. I've said it already.
  3. and a man he has spent time with recently. The First Minister of Scotland and The man to lead our great club and country into independence. Mr Alex Salmond. Won't be the first time Alex had been at a Gers game.
  4. Read the inside back of yesterday's programme.
  5. Go back to diddling weans for their cash. Your 'humour' is shite.
  6. Ok so a few seasoned pro's and a waft of youngsters stirred in with a few unknowns i'd be looking to back them rather than deadlines on Ally's head.
  7. Aye... Bad result and had a couple of poor results away from home. But if after a half dozen or so games you want to stir your shite when we need the fans support more than ever then you can jog on. The boys out there are a brand new team, have had no pre season and will take its time to gel. I'm like Ally. 'I don't do Walking Away!'
  8. Christ Dennis, has your missus hacked your account.
  9. If you don't want to support Scotland then don't. Stop whining about it.
  10. What a load of shite. Anything to try and stick this imaginary knife in eh.
  11. I know for 100% certain it was not Annan. Try Albion Rovers and you'll have your team.
  12. Keep going ray. Sterling job son.
  13. Alan helped out my old man with tickets for the game. Very much a gentleman he is and can often be found supporting Scotland too.
  14. WillWard and thebooler are the ones making an arse of themselves. Eosmhdo was highlighting the OP who said 'RELGION' - he was right.
  15. I was having a cuppa in the kitchen when Cameron apologised. Why?
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