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  1. Kyles old man is a bear and young Kevin used to go to Ibrox for games when Stranraer Athletic (who he played with prior to Sunderland) had no game.
  2. Blacky will get tremendous backing on Wednesday by the thousands of bears in attendace.
  3. Good Luck Blacky!! Plenty of Bears there on Wednesday to give you some backing.
  4. Change your username if you don't understand it.
  5. Cunt let his dad down!! And yes, he is a fucking schwenkter.
  6. Que? Away and sell an Italian marble fireplace.
  7. Fuck me. I was rat arsed last night. How the fuck did I come out with Steinsson. Isn't he injured anyway.
  8. I know Manuela Haroardottir, and she has told me.
  9. Will be on trial from Monday with us. Cracking defender.
  10. Yeah. Sounds a cracking plan. Will be a good wee invasion and always confident of a victory against them.
  11. Yup. 18 bears have it and a bus arrange for trip down.
  12. An even more corrupt association than the SFA.
  13. So because Whyte was a cunt the team was the same. Get a grip and support your country.
  14. I'll throw a small pebble in your direction young man.
  15. Looking forward to this. Fancy us winning 2-0.
  16. 3 Boys are over from Dublin working with me, and due to an early finish they decided to come along. One follows Ireland all over. One is a GAA fan and the other is more a golfer. The guys clapped, they bounced, they sang and they cheered. The end result.... They thoroughly had a ball. All asking when I'm taking them back again Welcome to the Rangers family, where all are inclusive.
  17. Ps Darche. If I'm free I'll help out selling these, not interested in the £££ though. Give it to the Rangers Charity.
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