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  1. Played one good cross field one on Thursday to Borna that stood out.
  2. Not having that. Also think the less he plays, the more hyped he gets. No doubt a potentially top drawer player though.
  3. To be honest, both Davis and McGregor have looked their age this season. Be happy to go with McLaughlin and Lundstram for a couple of games and see how it goes. Barisic has also been way below par for a number of games. Happy for a few changes on Sunday. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Balogun Bassey Lundstram Kamara Bacuna Aribo Roofe Wright
  4. Much easier to blame the new whipping boy.
  5. Feel like McGregor isn’t what he was the last 2-3 seasons. No howlers, but not saving some you’ve seen him keep out. Also think this McLaughlin / McGregor rotation is a pile of shite. Pick a keeper as your no 1 and stick with it. If McGregor can’t play 3 games a week, then he can’t be Rangers no 1 anymore.
  6. It’s scary the money these clubs burn on hang average players. Can’t wait for the day the bubble bursts.
  7. I was at it, so hopefully the right one. Didn’t say he played well (think he was just alright), but you could have had Ronaldo in there and we wouldn’t have scored. Gave him absolutely nothing to work with. Not one decent pass or cross to get on the end of all night.
  8. He had absolutely nothing to work with. Barely a decent pass to him all night. Need to get the ‘10s’ and at least 1 of the 3 CMs near him. Battles away and holds the ball up from our shite clearances, but we’ve given him nothing in the way of chances.
  9. Watched the highlights back this morning and while we made a few chances and McGregor didn’t have much to do, we’re just so slow and pedestrian and really lack any kind of creativity.
  10. Sometimes have a scan through now the Ibrox WiFi actually works, and it’s like being at a different game
  11. Didn’t really look like much happened to be honest? What am I missing?
  12. Quite bad for judging quickly, but hasn’t shown me (or Gerrard obviously) anything to say he deserves to be in front of Roofe or Morleos.
  13. Well, gives us a chance to change it up. Kent was probably needing dropped.
  14. It was good for most of the first half, even after the goal for a bit. Second half everyone had enough and wanted to get up the road.
  15. It’s just not that exciting. Become run of the mill really. Minimum expectation. We were all prepped for the Champions League this season, and now we’re in the diddy one because we shat the bed.
  16. I know. Kent and Lundstram seem to be the real whipping boys now.
  17. I don’t really buy ‘if the crowd had done this…’ as a reason or justification. We were pish, and never really got going apart from the odd spell, just like 99% of our performances from the first day of preseason.
  18. Thought we were shit to be honest. Played the way we have since the start of the season. Still haven’t had a good performance. We’re stale as fuck, and guys like Davis and McGregor aren’t the players they were. The lack of chances being made is a real worry.
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