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  1. Cant believe ppl want ojo playing. Hes shocking . 2-3-2-3 Shagger Helander cb Katic cb Tav rwb Jack cdm Barisic lwb Davis cm Aribo cm Kent lw(roam) Alf cf Arfield rw
  2. Dont take instructions from peasants m8..
  3. Pretty sure I chant and watch the game at the same time regularly 😂
  4. At the 12 minute of the game on Thursday (legia). I will be starting a chant of "stand up for the union bears". I am not affiliated with the boys at all and personally know none of them.. however I will show them my support on Thursday night and would ask everyone who has there back to join in... I will be in the south west enclosure. No surrender..
  5. Well said and no surrender. Every 1 is wanting to brand them wee boys. Apologist cunts... Was at the st Joe's game and don't remember it being a nasty racist sort of atmosphere.
  6. Obviously not... but if it happens it happens. .... Never agreed with the fact that we let them stop Billy boys.. and now were here.. free speech n all that jazz
  7. Let's aw just pile into bf1 from other seats fuck UEFA.. fan power. We pay there fucking wages
  8. A dont see a problem with what he said. What's the fuss. Sing up lads...
  9. A game behind closed doors. Big fucking deal. Dry your eyes. Fuck UEFA... And don't let the man tell you what to do. No surrender 🤣
  10. Seems to me like Gerrard doesn't really give a fuck about songs being sung by fans. Mountain and mole hill come to mind
  11. Needing a ticket. Happily gee someone 80 for theres
  12. Think gerrard will go Shagger Tav Goldson Katich Flanagan Jack Davis Aribo Ojo Morelos Jones
  13. Take arfield out n put halliday in for the 6th midfielder. I player we really don't need imho. I haven't seen much of him tbh so not saying hes no good. Just not a player we need. As for your 3 lbs. Flanagan is a rb being played out of position. Barisic is hopeless and halliday isn't really a lb either.
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