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  1. Playing for the draw at the end acceptable. Starting with heavy defensive tactics against teams in Europe isn't imo. Unless it's a barca etc. Not Porto,feyenoord and the likes
  2. Cant be any worse than ojo. Would of rather kept Middleton and hastie than having to consistently watch the joke performances ojo puts in for us week in week out.
  3. Agree with this. Wee seemed to use wee team tactics in Europe. 10 men behind the ball. Would much prefer we treated every match going out to actually win the game.
  4. Boy was excellent last nite with two class goals. Deffo should scout maier
  5. Thought our boys were much the better team . 2 v 2 flattered young boys. There no 10 scored 2 crackers looked a gd player. Was a decent game
  6. I'd say that's bullshit. Ojo is no1 undroppable for the gaffer
  7. I'd like to see docherty get some game time. Especially since Kamara has been poor this season
  8. It only works if every match is £20. Home and away. For every team. That is the only way that is possible. Personally its because the piggery is half empty every match. We don't have that problem cunts cant get tickets for love nor money for a gers match nowadays
  9. No tactics and team selection.. Gerrard just got it totally wrong that day
  10. Ojo still fucking starting.. disgrace Apart from that 3pts a must
  11. No fucking mistakes today Rangers.. put this mob to bed early.
  12. Hes failing to admit his chopping and changing is costing us in the big games. Also katic must be raging
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