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  1. 11 minutes ago, GA1972 said:

    Couldn’t agree more mate but I doubt the gaffer shares our opinion. Death, taxes and Rangers playing for a draw away in Europe are your three certainties in life 

    Honestly can’t remember us ever playing a team in the groups who’ve sat back and not just went out and played against us but we seem to do it all the time 

    Agree with this. Wee seemed to use wee team tactics in Europe.  10 men behind the ball. Would much prefer we treated every match going out to actually win the game.


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  2. 53 minutes ago, j1mgg said:

    We should maybe have a look at the player that scored both of the young boys goals last night in the youth game.

    Not much info on him

    Nico Maier - midfielder - 19yrs old

    Boy was excellent last nite with two class goals. Deffo should scout maier

  3. 32 minutes ago, BookWorm said:

    I have just read an article online from Ibrox noise which was about Gerrard saying he had 4 undropables in the team. I went into the article expecting these 4 to be Mcgregor,  Jack, Morelos, and maybe Davis?

    Reading the article it turns out the gaffer's 4 undropables turn out to be ,  Jack, Goldson, Aribo, and Alf.  Was surprised.

    I'd say that's bullshit.  Ojo is no1 undroppable for the gaffer

  4. It only works if every match is £20. Home and away. For every team. That is the only way that is possible. 

    Personally its because the piggery is half empty every match.

    We don't have that problem cunts cant get tickets for love nor money for a gers match nowadays 

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