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  1. all assumptions. when someone shows me his wage slip i'll believe he was on 20k a week. if he got a game and scored some goals maybe he'd have earned those bonuses....!
  2. Putting your opinion about Bain to one side, if the guy feels he's been screwed or is owed money then he's entitled to go after it. Some people on here do not live in the real world. A judge clearly has accepted that he has a prima facie case. That's probably a more valuable assessment of what is actually going on at Ibrox just now than the speculation and mumping and moaning about the guy when we don't know half the story.
  3. you may find it hard to believe, i may do too, but most of the talk on here is absolute guesswork at best. all we know is he was paid £1m to bugger off. Scratch that, all we know is we've been told he was paid £1m to bugger off.
  4. May being the operative word. We don't know that. We might have paid him more to leave, given the lack of interest in him. I refer you to my original post. Please read it this time.
  5. True. It's probably Walter's fault that the Jelavic payment was late as well!
  6. We will never know. But why pay a guy off early when we are short for strikers?
  7. And Whyte gave him £1m to bugger off when he wouldn't fork out 400k more for Miller. Doesn't that strike you as stupid?
  8. says it all. Paying a guy £1m to bugger off seems like the same mismanagement the previous regime were rightly criticised for.
  9. Don't see how you can blame Walter for Whyte paying the guy off with a year left and a striker crisis all but inevitable at one point this season.
  10. You've pointed out two opposing headlines. Headlines which you might well have plucked out of your mind. Well done. Now what's that got to do with me? Headlines don't speak for me.
  11. Again the old Private Eye joke comes into play: "exclusive to all newspapers". They really think we are buttoned up the back don't they? Everyone was well aware Whyte had a press briefing yesterday. Just an outright lie. Reason 969 why newspapermen are on the way out.
  12. You said it Whyte. This must be what he meant when he said he was going to spend £5m. Bravo.
  13. Ad hominem, as expected really. That's the level of debate on here.
  14. you dismiss critics of Whyte and then suggest your own theory. doesn't make it any more valid than those you dismiss.
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