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  1. Sad to hear a Bear passing at a match. Condolences go out to his family :-(
  2. I don't know - I would have to take the situation on it's merit if it were ever to arise. I asked the question because we have had examples in the past of fans being vocal in their condemnation of players signing but ultimately most change their opinions over time. I know it's a sore point for us and perhaps it will never come to anything but put it this way - if he was a shite player then no-one would give a fuck about him, the fact there are so many threads created when his situation is publicised shows that many still think he is a good player as well.
  3. You care enough to open a thread and post a comment. I care because like others, can see he is a good player (probably not as technically good as Johnston but better than Miller - two players who most of us didn't want to see play for us) and I felt the question should be asked about if he could return or not.
  4. Can anyone ever see him back playing for us? I know it sounds a totally ridiculous question to put out there as obviously feelings are still very raw for a lot of us, however I remember shouts of "You can shove yer Kenny Miller up yer arse" shortly before Sir Walter sanctioned the purchase of him. Going back a tad further in time there was the little matter of a certain Mr M Johnston signing. The fact is we don't know all the ins and outs of every players situation at the time, we can all declare we would have done this, that, or the other but most of those declarations are made on the back of our feelings toward the club as fans.
  5. It must be challenging to try and write a blog everyday without a bit of rehashing going on. I think he does write a fair amount of things that certainly make me want to question things but may not interest others, and then there are times where his continued posts about Spiers can get a bit tiresome. To sum up, I click on his site every other day at least, and have a quick scan of the subject matter - if it interests me then I'll read on, if not then click on to the next webpage. I dont think I can argue too much against someone who is providing something for free on the net and it is my choice whether I visit it or not.
  6. But, but, but Petrie, the likes of you were peddling this crap about fans boycotting season tickets if you were seen to be supporting us in our hour of need. The likes of you were peddling this myth that x amount of extra fans would flock through the turnstyles to make up the loss in revenue from two visits from us. The likes of you were peddling this myth that the SPL was thriving. So much peddling Rod - time to get on your bike!
  7. It will really depend if the next manager appointed has a backbone or not I guess. You can't see the likes of Alan Hutton getting started when not getting first team action at Villa when the likes of Wallace is continually playing (and flourishing) for us while not even being picked for the squad.
  8. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. wronglypenalised


    Looking for a bit of guidance here folks. The laddie would like CoD for his Christmas, so I've been searching about for deals online for it however when we got him FIFA for his Birthday, we bought him what we thought was the full game only for him to ask for us to buy points so he could unlock players or something. I've heard that you can get extra maps/levels/whatever it is for this game as well but wondered if you could buy the game anywhere with everything already on it? Know this makes me sound old but when I were a lad when you bought a computer game it was the full version you bought, now the producers are selling the games for 30-40 odd quid and then a further 10-15 for extra parts. Is this just the norm now?
  10. Thanks for the find, have saved it and will watch it later.
  11. If he was any kind of man he would have said he believed what he had written at that time. For him to try and worm out of it the way he did was pathetic especially when he had published his thoughts on social media sites, surely he must realise that there will be people out there who will take whatever he says and redistribute when caught out/proven wrong etc? Surely now media outlets such as newspapers, radio & tv programmers will see he is discredited, his opinions are questionable which naturally follow that those seeking his appearances are questionable.
  12. Must be one of the worst things a parent can go through in having your child pass away before you. Hope the rest of the family get through this difficult time and remember all the good memories of her life.
  13. In your eyes it looks like that, in my eyes it's trying to deal with the situation in an objective manner. If it were up to me we'd be able to shout/sing/scream what we want at the football. Times have changed though, and we have been singled out first for getting punished therefore I see this acceptance of "h**" as unacceptable, which in turn means we still have to watch what we say. Might be different from what you think but don't just disregard it with the ever so obvious questioning of the OP, hats off to you though - at least you didn't do the classic "sniff sniff"
  14. Please spare me that nonsense! I knew as I was starting the thread that someone would try to start that.
  15. But do you not see the irony in complaining about sectarian terms being used when it could be traced back to users using it openly on a forum? It's like screaming at the referee for not giving a penalty for you and then when the same incident occurs in the other box you scream that it's never a penalty. If you want to treat this objectively then imo we have to cut it out as well, otherwise we would just come across as being hypocritical.
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