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  1. Don't post as much these days but just want to say thanks again for all your effort, especially in donating funds to me and a few other RM members who did the first ever big Ibrox sleep out 4-5 years ago!
  2. Looks like his maw slepts with a wheelie bin, why are their wains always wee mutants?
  3. Imagine turning up at 10 at night before a game to do this sort of shite? So they went to an EMPTY stadium and avoided a pub with a couple a pensioners in it, then needed a police escort to get past it safely? HAHAHA no way genuine shite bags
  4. Windass only starting putting in a performance when he thought he was coming off. Personally I would have taken both him & Holt off at 55-60 min mark.
  5. Gollumn is an incompetent horrible Cretin, cunt has probably dislodged his arm after how quickly he pointed to the spot and the disallowed goal from Moreles was a joke and he was clearly onside.
  6. Richard Gordon is a sniveling wee rat and every time we gub Aberdeen I listen to Sportsound to listen to the sheep shagging inbred mourne and make up excuses.
  7. I remember back in the 2011 season people were going aff their heads because we were defending a 1-0 lead against St.Mirren at Ibrox. Full grown men screaming like wee lassies to "get ae baw up ae park!!". Kirk Broadfoot listened to these mentally challenged manchildren and tried to go on the attack, lost the ball and St Mirren equalised and cost me circa £250 on a 4 team coupon. I honestly couldn't give a fuck if we are 5 up or 1 up, we should be trying to defend the lead not ruin it by going all out.
  8. Ran by scum, aimed at scum. I would rather spend a weekend in Helen Street police station than spend an hour listenint to the mentally unstable retards that run the show.
  9. This is why people shouldn't be allowed on their computers without their carers being present.
  10. Why would the board care about "chucking the season away"? They've already got the season ticket money, their season has been a sucess.
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