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  1. Wilson had a bad spell but the level of criticism was over the top. Still has makings of a top defender. Would love us to try and get Ball.
  2. If Law keeps up his form he is worth keeping as he adds something to the midfield. Would get rid of Shields (never been that impressed and there are better options), tempelton (had too many chances) and clark (blocking a space for Hardie).
  3. According to Google translate/some Lithuanian website he was linked to Palermo in the summer and is a winger.
  4. Great appointment. In same wavelength as w & w and knows what they want in a player. Knows what is needed in modern scouting setup and will have numerous contacts from his time at Liverpool. Know from Brentford fans they rated him highly.
  5. If anyone comes in it will be someone Warburton wants. He felt the new structure at Brentford would undermine him so he left. So there is no way that he would accept someone coming in who would dictate to the manager. If McParland became available then could see Warbuton wanting him.
  6. At Brentford, Frank McParland, was the Sporting Director and left with Weir and Warburton (with McParland joining Burnley) so Warburton is used to working with a Sporting Director.
  7. Bombscare when he first started but really developed over time into a great defender. Great reader of the game. Covered for big Amo when he wondered out of position.
  8. Aird played rb in some of the friendlies.
  9. excellent last night. deserves to be in the team and will only get better with proper coaching.
  10. Wilson made number of key tackles and deserves more than 6.5. Tavernier final ball was not great last night . Thought McKay was excellent especially in the first half and was the second best player on the pitch behind Wallace.
  11. Allan foul- he is obviously trying to injure our players so he can get into the first team when he signs!
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