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  1. Why do we make this guy look like Baresi every time we play him? Hes a thug who turns up 4 or 5 times a season against us, but we ply rite into his hands by lumping high balls up to Morelos…
  2. C’mon Rangers let’s get some revenge for the Cup Semi Had the misfortune of sitting right beside these reprobates at Hampden- Police did nothing I may add to control there hatred, bigotry and inflammatory flags/gestures etc Anyhow let’s just get them skelped - This is a game for battlers and guys committed to the cause. McGregor Tav Goldson Bassey Barisic Arfield. Kamara Hagi. Aribo. Kent Morelos Arfield over Davis for me Hopefully the real Morelos turns up Roofe off the bench Hopefully Jack might get some minutes? 2-1 or 3-1 us but a tough battling performance required
  3. More like our old selfs - Pressing higher, winning the ball back as a unit, clean sheet…. (Thanks to McGregor) Decent start and room for improvement. Delighted to hear GVB wants Morelos further forward and in and around the box, we’ve been crying out for that for months - Give Alfie some support and he will score
  4. This is a big task for GVB Tav, Goldson, Morelos are finished Paterson needs to come in, Goldson will play as we have no cover yet but he should be away in January at the earliest opportunity. Morelos needs dropped, made to shed some weight and be moved on ASAP aswell. Balogun is nowhere near good enough and Helander can’t come back quickly enough for us. I’d persevere with Barisic but understand fans wanting him gone. Goalkeeperwise - McGregor looks done, McLaughlin isn’t good enough - Should we try McCrorie? Midfield is full of defensive minded players who won’t/can’t go box to box and we need that. Davis is nearing the end of his time, Lundstram is nowhere near good enough and Kamara looks a shadow of himself. We need to choose 1 to go in there with Jack. Upfront is where SG has got it massively wrong for us - Morelos see above, Sakala whilst he is improving is to much of a project for what we need and we keep moving Roofe all over the place to accommodate Morelos. Itten should never have been on loan as he’s the only guy who offers anything different to the other guys. Let’s add in Simpson who is woeful, Wright who isn’t consistent enough, Barker still hanging about, Firth stealing a wage…. Its actually abit of a mess when you start analysing it…..
  5. Timing stinks - Hibs Semi then Sparta in the Europa League. Will always be grateful for 55 and the European adventures but badly feel let down The thought of Derek McInnes is giving me the fear
  6. Obvious would be Manchester 2008 or Marseille 1992 to allow us to get to the Final. Bayern Munich Final 1967 would have been a nice one to change. Any of the stumbling draws on route to 10iar failing Rangers Hearts SC Final defeat was a terrible ending for so many players who gave us so much
  7. No changes - Been moaning all season about changes and no fluency to the team. If we need to shake anything up it should be at home against Ross County but only if it’s necessary. Must win game - Hopefully set us up for a must win game against Sparta where winner takes all and qualifies. Please Rangers get this done and kick on
  8. Defo need to shake things up and try get a more convincing win McGregor Patterson Goldson Balogun Bassey Davis Kamara Arfield Hagi Aribo Roofe Morelos, Wright and Sakala can all come on to freshen things up if goals needed Lundstram for Davis if necessary
  9. Going to need to find someone to put the ball in the net - I’d also recall Itten as he atleast allows us to go back to front instead of the current laboured side ways passing. Said in the summer window but I’d also go for Lewis Ferguson - Nothing to do with last night. Davis looks done, Kamara + Lundstram are defensive minded. We need someone with energy, closing down, can run with the ball - Hes young enough that we could improve him. Badly need to offload the hangers on - Barker, Hastie and I’d also throw Simpson into that mix. If Morelos has his mind elsewhere I’d try and cash in. Until we get Helander/Katic back we r stuck with Goldson as the alternatives are much worse…..
  10. Need to try and get Tav and Barisic further up the pitch - Barisic looks knackered this season and is no where near as effective. Tav is struggling to cross the halfway line - Last year he was popping up in the box/scoring etc. Midfield is sitting to deep and in turn the attackers are isolated - Our pressing out of possession this season is deplorable. We normally pin teams back and nick the ball but this season every team appears to have a man extra all over the park and are picking us off as they move forward. Morelos needs to be right on the last man - Stop dropping deep it’s not working. Whoever sanctioned Ittens loan should be getting asked questions - The only striker we had that offered something different to change a game. Get runners like Arfield on from the start and not cameo appearances and expecting miracles. Our summer recruitment looks poor at this stage - Sakala looks like a project, Lundstram after a few better performances was rank tonight - Even getting Wright in early last year hasn’t worked as he’s not kicking on, Jack Simpson has been woeful in his few appearances. Here’s hoping Kent, Jack and Helander are back sooner rather than later….
  11. We should be renaming the Copland Rd stand after him as a mark of respect for his achievements and dedication to our club. I think that we should also be erecting a statue across from the main door looking towards the stadium. A truly tragic day for us all. Thank you Sir Walter
  12. Much better tonight Think getting Tav and Barisic further up the pitch helped the whole team and we created more chances Morelos looked a lot more mobile and hungrier, still think he’s playing way to deep though Hope Balogun is ok as I don’t fancy Simpson playing on Sunday….
  13. Was a bad miss but Roofe over hit it and the slick pitch didn’t help Sums us up to be honest
  14. I would disagree. Arfields late runs into the box have scored us numerous goals through the years and his harrying in midfield forces mistakes for the opposition. Bacuna looked lost on the wing, Davis doesn’t really get into the box so surly a goal scoring midfielder mite have taken some pressure off our misfiring strikers?
  15. Anyone any idea what’s happening with Arfield?? Hardly kicked a ball this season and not even on the bench today. After last season I think it’s fair to say he wouldn’t be in the starting 11 but in our current sticky form I can’t work out why he’s not getting minutes ahead of other players. Adds energy, runs beyond the strikers and scores from outside the box - Traits we are badly missing at the moment
  16. Can we get Itten back from his loan? Sakala looks like abit of a project player at this stage
  17. He needs to play week in week our so we can get a settled team and build from that.
  18. He needs to massively improve moving forward
  19. I think we have wrecked Morelos abit Go back 3/4 years and he was dynamic, great at holding the ball up and rolling defenders before barging himself towards goal. Now he’s 30yards from goal, never in the box when the ball is played in and constantly playing flicks backwards Now when we look at the team this season we are struggling to score and finish teams off…. No wonder when our strikers play like midfielders and the majority of our midfielders are defensively minded. THERES NO ONE UP THERE TO SCORE!! If we can I’d bring back Itten and give him a chance
  20. Time to get out this rut - Strongest team possible and feel free to shoot from anywhere around the box…. McGregor Tav. Goldson Balogun Barisic Aribo Davis Kamara Roofe Morelos Hagi
  21. I want out strongest team played after the debacle of out Cup performances these last few years. Get the game won and then make some changes - Our issues so far this season are a lack of goals and a softness defensively so why people would want to make a host of changes to an already struggling team makes no sense to me. I’m hoping some continuity might help the players rediscover form from a solid team base McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Kamara Davis Hagi Wright Morelos Roofe If we get a decent lead then throw on Lundstram, Sakala, Arfield etc but get the game won’t firstly and lets guarantee our semi final status
  22. Hasn’t looked very good at any point since he signed. Yesterday twice he got done - Punt up the park early in the 1st half when he ended up the wrong side as the ball flew over his head and only Goldson getting back as Watt rounded McGregor spared us and secondly he was pathetic at the goal - Worst case he should have wiped the guy out just outside the box and taken the risk of the red card - He did nothing except shrink and let the guy through, From my view in the Broomloan I couldn’t believe Barisic never got a block in either. Simpson is our worst CB and if we can recall Katic we should and rotate him with Balogun until Helander is fit
  23. I was the same and got a reply weeks ago from Rangers. Rangers we’re saying Premium Credit needed all the ST paid in full by March 2022 - Not sure when u made ur first payment but I’m September 2021 so I can only get a max of 7mths from Sept - March. The monthly payment is only higher cause of the shorter term, the amount paid over 7 or 10 will equal the same total. I also wasn’t notified but accepted the explanation. Season 2022-2023 we will go back onto the 10mth lower payment setup as there will be enough months for it to run fully
  24. Were u on the 10mth plan but it’s been amended to 7mths with higher payments and no Notification of a change?
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