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  1. are change the chicago blackhawks too? cleveland indians ,atlanta braves and kansas city chiefs. pc world gone mad
  2. its how you lose! when 6+ plus players dont turn up thats the problem.
  3. you push turnstile fully ,guy infront pushed only slightly had to scan twice when it locked
  4. not clinical enough defoe should had 5 at least
  5. It gives you 2 options at Rangers tv ,Buy the game (1) or watch live(2) which one do you pick?
  6. ok, is that buy direct debit or card
  7. i went with 4 month option and its the same way,renewed last saturday still waiting
  8. went with 4 month option and went through no problem,just waiting for credit e-mail
  9. the only way they could show it if they move the ko to 6pm
  10. anytime we went anywhere near them their fans were screaming for a foul even when it was bullshit and officials bought it
  11. osijek who covers left back (tav) maribor who(tav) aberdeen whos marking goalscorer (tav) motherwell whos marking scorers EFFIN FUCKIN (tav)
  12. why not switch the tie to play away first then they got plenty of time.
  13. wait till next week it won't be quiet!!
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