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  1. can you get in tonight with a season book?
  2. EXACTLY these are guys willing to jump aboard and help the club out. still gonna be worshipped by the millions of bears world wide. no brainer for me...where do a sign
  3. aye deffo bud. genuinely excited about all this tbh. im 35 and its the first time in ma life following the gers that i can experience something different. granted itll be pish but itll be new pish think well generate more interest over the world than ceptic will in the spl. all eyes are on the MIGHTY GLASGOW RANGERS. BRING IT ON
  4. dunno tbh im sure we could match or better most shit spl teams!!
  5. Would all be cracking signings IMO. after all, what the fuck else do we have??? lets be honest here guys, these players would be nowhere near ibrox if things were, as per, but theyre not and we need all the players we can get. if these guys are clever theyll join in a heart beat. they will probably earn more, not less than what they earn on a friday right now added with, every second week theyll be playing at (hopefully) a packed ibrox and the chance to become club legends quite quickly if we reach the spl in 3 seasons. small sacrifice for them at the moment to drop to division 3 but surely t
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