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  1. This is embarrassing. Make an opinion and a knob just bleets crap. Think he must have been on the park, that's why he's took it a wee tad hard.
  2. Public statement, go on ya tramp. You're acting like the keyboard gangster that you are. Shouting from your Da's laptop doesn't make you hard, just stupid. Try a reasoned argument, go on.
  3. Fuck off ya tramp, rap it for the club's sake.
  4. Totally agree with the 55 statement, but it's every game away from home. ­čÖł­čÖł But cometh the hour, cometh the fans. No problems with that.
  5. Embarrassment is an understatement. It's like watching the F.A cup when the small team scores against the big team. We are the big team, big fan/support group, most trophies. We're being made to look stupid. Don't care if you agree or not. Rap it!
  6. Jones did right, he was under pressure from us and his own fans. He pumped because people doubted him. Anyway, our team failed big style. Don't make him a scapegoat for our failings.
  7. I know over the piece we didn't play well, however if that goal stands, which happened soon after our first the whole complexe of the game changes. I believe our tails were up and the three points would have been a formality as Dundee would have to have opened up
  8. Scum at Ibrox for me, Killie semi'd and sheep final.....then we know we're back.
  9. I agree, said something similar on Twitter. From here to Christmas is vital ending with a game against the scum on NY eve. If we intend to challenge a fresh attitude and real belief is needed in every game. Keep believing ??????
  10. I'll wake up and I'll be in the shower. We'll be top of the league and treble champions........????
  11. Pena out the team, Holt in, he gives so much more.
  12. This statement is a 'blame the SFA'. A total failure to address it head on, a failure to take responsibility and a failure to lead. F them all. ?????
  13. The scum are praised for winning the league without us, and we keep getting told, "they can only beat who is in great of them". So, we can only beat who in front of us and whatever league we are in. Justify why they don't count?
  14. Lets not, some things are better left.
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