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  1. Its the centre of our city, that has been taken over for years.
  2. Oh gees peace and get off your knees. The day after it becomes clear we won’t be getting back to normal anytime soon despite the cases drastically dropping and vaccines being rolled out, not even tier 0 is close to normality and Glasgow will struggle to get out of tier 3 with them making it almost impossible. The day after they let us know that candidates can travel to constituencies, doorstep campaigning is allowed & they are going to let party leaders travel too. As I said, get off your knees.
  3. Did see that. Absolute warmers, Rangers maws n das.
  4. Know the boys selling these and they’re doing to fund an absolutely massive banner. Better this than gofundme’s. Keep having digs at cunts though.
  5. You need to take a day aff. Thats a riddy of a post. You called an 18 year old winger “early doors”, who has better G+A in 4/5 months than someone like Jordan Jones has ever produced in his career. If you had a brain you’d be dangerous.
  6. He has the most successful crosses in this league per 90. Twitter has less worst takes than this forum. Frightening
  7. Gets offended by paper aeroplanes, but no by attempting to scam somecunt out £30 for a Hearts ticket Get yer morals in check.
  8. They do almost always use poly now, its the club that use card.
  9. I want to see him against a pacey, lively striker. Pace is something McAuley has never had, hes relied on his brain to be a step ahead. His test will be if he is still as quick in the head as he was.
  10. Classy mate hopefully you get a good few likes. Gimp
  11. I can see why people have been a bit disappointed at times, but he is literally the only midfield player we have that is capable of running past the striker. He is intelligent, finds space, gets beyond the striker, links up with Morelos well and has now scored 5 goals.
  12. Saw that on FF. Brussels Airlines let me check in and download boarding passes without any visa details.
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