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  1. Dundee and Killie for me! Two away games out of seven is not a good ratio. Be interesting to see if it evens out over the season as TO suggest. Or maybe not.
  2. It's what we need, a loyalty or points system that rewards the regular attenders. Quite a few clubs do seem to have these set up.
  3. Over the past four years on CCCS I've attended the majority of away games. Places like Dumbarton were always the difficult ones. This year I've had Dundee and Killie! Even our bus A+ is struggling with the poor allocations. Something is definitely not right.
  4. Go to My Account on the Website and look under Amend CCCS. Just discovered that even although it was on my Renewal Letter it is missing from my CCCS account on the website! I have contacted them.
  5. Newco SPL oldco in Liquidation!
  6. According to website you can sign up for CCCS up to 31/10/15.
  7. Can sign up as a season ticket holder until October sometime, I think.
  8. I sympathise with the dross he has been left by McCoist, but playing Miller, who's knackered, McCulloch ditto and Boyd, who makes Kevin Kyle look like an athlete, shows poor judgement or misplaced faith at the least!
  9. Casper The Friendly Ghost, Rangers star No 7!
  10. Followed by a minor earthquake 5.5 on the Richter Scale across Govan!
  11. I thought he had a better game last night than he has done for a while, particularly second half. But what really impressed me was his support for Walsh, speaking to him, pats on the back. Sort of thing you'd expect from a captain, but we don't get!
  12. So quoting a Rangers Hater=Supporting a Rangers Hater? How else will the truth become known if we ignore those who spin the truth against us? Burn their books?
  13. Agreed, but they same people who listen to Radio Cattolica are quite happy to have a go at true Rangers Men interested in the truth on here!
  14. 'Cos they are in Sundry Expenses thus avoiding tax!
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