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  1. I’ve racked my brain and the only logical reason is for the leagues to be voided, regardless of standings. 
    what about European places, relegations championships tgat are 1 or 2 points in it? How unfair would that be. Also how can a team that has not mathematically won a title be given it? Of course they can’t.

    i also believe if we were top we wouldn’t be granted an Unwon title. 

    also what about popcorn teeth bumping his logs about having won the league. Not a thought for thousands dying, these cunts are absolutely revolting. 

    it’s an absolute farce. 

  2. 11 hours ago, Junior Soprano said:

    Sick of his petulance, sick of his long balls out to no where, sick of him no coming off his line. Sick of him balling at every cunt apart from the usual culprits.

    McGregors distribution has been horrific his whole career, tgat god long ball out for a throw in every time is brutal,  however, his shot stopping has been great. 


  3. We’ve been fucked in Europe by refs for 2 seasons but the standard compared to the sfa is far far superior.

    i also believe some referees, in Scotland, are genuinely cheating. During a game it’s statistically improbable for nearly every game changing decision to go against 1 team. In one game you think “well he maybe got ALL those decisions wrong” if it’s game after game a pattern develops. 

    Referees in Scotland have almost certainly cost us the league this season. We may not be playing at our best but the psychological damage to the players, KNOWING they’re refereed to a completely different standard than every other team in the league, must be huge. 

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  4. 50 minutes ago, The Ibrox Derry said:

    League is finished, it was weeks ago.

    I said this in another thread, after the hearts defeat, and got slaughtered. 
    it’s not even bottle, refs have no doubt totally fucked us,  But I think we don’t really have any winners in that squad. Morelos petulance and diving has again cost us this season. He looks uninterested at the minute. 
    lots of different factors. 
    Today was all down to katic, but I suppose changing it when we went 2-1 up was also a factor. 

  5. 39 minutes ago, RoboBear said:

    So we have to change the system or change the players. Which of those do you think would be the easiest to do ? Especialy as the transfer window is shut

    It’s too short sighted. Big Clubs run their system throughout their whole academy, juniors, under 21s etc. 

    SG it looking at the big picture. 

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