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  1. Didn't mean to quote that, never mind. "After playing a pass the Scotland international pulled up and grabbed his right leg, immediately indicating that he would have to come off."
  2. The player barker was meant to be.
  3. Are we believing Kamara threw a punch?
  4. Shows their statement about police escorting them as an outright lie.
  5. Police scotland have already contradicted Slavia statement. They say they have not been made aware of any incident.
  6. Roaster on saying Keane is the man to put fire back in their team, and referenced Gerrard and his and Ranger's first major honour. Right you are you bitter wank. And of course Rae didn't correct him.
  7. Salzburg out now, how many points do we get for progressing to the next round?
  8. Guessing no one has brought up the letter sent by Rangers to all the different stakeholders/agencies yet then?
  9. Just guessing, I know he only got 1 England cap.
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