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  1. Will have competition with Duffy then, rumour has it that's why he flew home early.
  2. The negative test Duffy supplied was allegedly not done by celtic, but by Brighton. Hibs got wind of this and asked for another round of testing.
  3. Old school mate, known as CBRN these days!
  4. 19. Plans prior to travel should take account of any Scottish /UK Government regulations on return to the UK, such as a required isolation period. 20. The COVID-19 Officer and COVID-19 Medical Officer responsible for the Performance (Elite) Sports Organisation or Individual(s) should liaise with the organisers of any competition to be held outside the UK in a sufficiently timely manner in order to comply with the entry requirements of the country, including any quarantine / isolation regulations. 21. The travelling performance (elite) athletes and support staff will be expect
  5. Point 23. What is the guidance?
  6. The activity was always authorised. The conduct whilst on the activity breached protocalls laid out by the JRG.
  7. He is off to Belgium apparently.
  8. Is it because his mask isn't on properly?
  9. Jack back after aberdeen game, Roofe misses a few is what I got from that.
  10. Paisley only up the road from Kilmarnock, he may be quite settled in the area so happy to sign?
  11. Surprised hibs or taigs didn't go for him.
  12. No cunt going to mention the JRG guidance dated 23 Dec?
  13. Invincibles. Not so much this season though? Aye, well..
  14. Shambles. Can only hope the tarriers have pissed the SNP off enough to get their baws toed.
  15. celtic had since 23 December to amend/change hotel booking to comply with the guidance laid out?
  16. How in the fuck can the JRG clear them when there is pictorial evidence of then breaching protocol?
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