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  1. Just guessing, I know he only got 1 England cap.
  2. Serial winner...😅😅😅
  3. No further action Brown. Wrong way round imo.
  4. Fuck me, ajeti cited for diving!!
  5. A bear in Port Glasgow? Thought it was riddled with taigs?
  6. Lego eater to find out on Thursday after and man panel of former grade 1 referees adjudicate on chance missing the elbow on tshibola.
  7. Taig saying they need to do what we did in 2012. No chance, entitled arrogant fenian cunts.
  8. That so aye? Away and mount your sister Declan.
  9. True, however, you are not broadcasting it live via TV/stream..
  10. At that point they hadn't had no challenge for 9 years and fans weren't anywhere near as entitled and arrogant as they are now. Given all the hype about how he would be sold for millions would be another contributing factor to their seethe.
  11. Imagine we signed him. I honestly think the timplosion would be worse than Mojo!
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