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  1. Fucking snaps me hearing that Lego munching prick saying we were shite, pumping the ball in the box all the time but he is right. Depressing. And Hartson can get to fuck the fat ginger sheep shagging cunt.
  2. Least it will give the kids a break from it...
  3. When was the last time the bheasts played a home game on rememberance Sunday? I'm assuming they hid the disgusting chants by having a minutes applause when they did?
  4. Got it now, had to adjust my laptop security settings, cheers!
  5. Scored a worldy with Wallace from 30 yards out with his right peg!
  6. No worth wasting the money on her, clearly got the hump that her tea have been pumped out the cup! Not too happy with some of the shite I've been given from some of our more erudite posters tbh.
  7. Posted this around October/November on return from Herrick 18 but guess you are right, I'm a timposter. I'm middle row, 2 nd from right, next to the lad in the training vest
  8. Aye, sound love. Been in 8 and a half years and a bear since I can remember.
  9. 1st set of shifty eyes, mega! Just asking as I was sure that she was talking pish, just wondered if anything had happened at all that she could make a mountain out of a mole hill from. Far from a Tim, as this photo I posted last year shows
  10. That's what I thought, supposedly caley fans were "beaten up" and had no escort to supporters busses
  11. Got a caley fan on fb complaining that they were getting stuff chucked at them and their kids. Any truth in this or yet more unsubstantiated pish from a bitter team that don't like the big bad Rangers?
  12. We'll done Mohsni for breaking up the play and setting up the third, shame you nearly got sent off moments earlier!
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