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  1. Will take the win but would rather iron my cock than be subjected to another season of piss poor performances.
  2. It was just a passing comment, not upset. All I stated was that what the portadown players said should be condemned and not just brushed off as daft comments, as we felt strongly about the beasts making disgusting comments about Ricksen. Nobody tried defending the comments by saying they were daft or just young lads. Anyway, hijacked this thread enough, RIP Oscar.
  3. What PSB was saying wasn't offensive, just commented that he tried to play down the comments by the portadown players which I happened to disagree with, and said it would be shocking to not condemn those comments given the reaction on here to the ricksen tweets by the bheasts.
  4. Never said you did, wasn't aimed at you, was aimed at PSB but you decided to jump aboard the offended bus. Regardless, RIP wee man.
  5. To try and brush off the comments as a silly mistake is pretty shocking given the reaction by most to the disgusting tweets some tims made about Fernando.
  6. A bit of parity wouldn't of gone amiss, it's a child FFS. I Hate the nappy rippers as much as the next Bear but to not condemn those comments is shocking. Fuck knows how I've lasted the past 8 years in the Army....
  7. Someone posted about being a silly comment that could ruin a potential career. When it was about Fernando hanging wasn't good enough for some.
  8. Horrible comments, and before anyone tries to defend the players then they should remember how we reacted to the comments about Fernando.
  9. I honestly would keep him and play him up front before Jon Daly
  10. I honestly would keep him and play him up front before Jon Daly
  11. If that is the case then surely a precedent has been sent and if Hearts are given the monies we have a case against the SFA/SPL/SPFL?
  12. Did we request Monies to be brought forward 2 years ago? If we did I'm assuming we got fucked off?
  13. As much as I don't think mccoist is the man to take us forward, this image to me encapsulates what every bear felt like that day. The battering our club was taking, especially by the nappy rippers made me so happy I was near in tears when Aluko scored his screamer.
  14. Are you lot fir real?! Think you are all barking mad!
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