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  1. McLeod and law linking up well, the weeks had made a difference since coming on.
  2. Dunfermline fans have pish patter, "you're not Rangers any more". Irony is lost on the fucktard fifers.
  3. Well done Stranraer, well earned. Utter pish today Rangers, not good enough.
  4. Still not impressed with Bell. No better or worse than the young lad we punted off on loan.
  5. You can't start greeting after giving shit clues and patter despite promising some earth shattering news.
  6. This, massively! The hypocrisy is clear for everyone to see outside of Scottish football.
  7. If you can take off the rabid green tinted specs and actually read my first post you will see that I have NOT ignored what he did since leaving Robin Island but I guess when you are slavering away at the defence of a convicted terrorist it must be pretty hard to. Step away from the pube-encrusted keyboard you no doubt possess...
  8. So by adopting the tactics of his oppressors is he not as bad as them?
  9. In Later life he took great steps in ending apartheid and was instrumental in the raising of awareness of HIV/AIDS and helping those in great need, but was complicit in the murder of hundreds with the ANC. He was thrust forward as a figurehead at his behest, but the fact the mainstream media are so quick to gloss over his past leads to the general public leaping on the bandwagon that he is some sort of saint, when he is far from it, which pisses me off. I just believe a bit of parity in the reporting of facts would be nice. Overall, I think he has done just about enough to be square with the h
  10. Cheers for the replies folks, much appreciated!
  11. Spot on Gogzy, as per! Cheers mucker!
  12. Basically I'm getting a load of shite from some nappy rippers, and looking for the list of points showing we are the same club, not guilty ref. BTC etc!
  13. Everything the bead rattlers cry about, ASA, Nimmo smith etc. I've had MUCH worse than that by the way!
  14. Saw someone post a list of the various bodies, just wondering if anyone has it as I have tried searching for an hour or so to no avail! Cheers in advance, Clunge.
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