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  1. Can't believe no-one has mentioned Stale Stensaas (Sp?!) or Dariusz Adamczuk (Sp?!)
  2. Aye, caught a bit of UFC on the telly now and again!!
  3. Cheers for the comments lads, we are all chuffed with the comments on here and FF!
  4. Not sure if this should be in the Bears' Den so feel free to move delete. Those of you on Follow Follow may have seen this already. I'm middle row, 2nd from the right
  5. Aren't we all forgetting about Paul Lambert's teeth almost giving Albertz's Knee a nasty bite?!
  6. Can't link it but daily mail article just mentions the jolly craicsters celebrating a win with a pitch invasion, no mention of Pro IRA songs or anything about Dmr Rigby.
  7. bluepeter9, get to fuck you hand wringing bed wetter, we could do with thinning a few clubs out in Scotland. 42 clubs in a country of 5 million?! Ridiculous!
  8. Cheers folks, the irony is delicious. Bye Bye Hearts!
  9. I think Monaco is a principality, not a country...
  10. Would rather iron my own cock than watch that pish. Horrible taig love in.
  11. Fuck off Speirs you pube headed, faux-intellectual smarmy effeminate arse-hole.
  12. Permanent til they go bust?
  13. Reguero from Inverness has signed for killie, more evidence that we have Cammy Bell deal tied up.
  14. Never a truer word said in jest...
  15. Hutton is missing playing with McLeod, when he plays, we play.
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