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  1. Reeking. Fuck off Timothy.
  2. Google is your friend: http://www.<No links to this website>/news/scottish-news/child-neglect-charge-for-celtic-ace-1091654
  3. Haha, beeling on Pieandbovril!! Wrap it round ye's!!
  4. Wheesht ya daftie, he's had a lot fewer 'uncharacteristic errors' than shagger did. Fact is we weren't clinical enough in front of goal despite the many chances we created. I felt we played better yesterday than we did at Annan, with Wallace and Temps creating a lot down the left flank.
  5. Not that there is anything wrong with what has been written but it pretty much copies the British Army's Values and Standards. CDRILS/SOLIDC.
  6. Why would we want that albino Judas cunt of a man back at Ibrox?!
  7. Doesn't help when certain media outlets, in this case sky referring to us as old club and new club FFS!
  8. On exercise in Thetford on the Wednesday evening. Made it even sweeter that I was surrounded by dozens of bears as I was attached to 2 Scots! Buzzing then turned to anger as we had been put through the ringer for fuck all!
  9. Fuck me, just read through 9 pages of this car crash of a thread, it's reeking of Timothy and the sound of frantic bead rattling is disconcerting! Support your own terrorist endorsing, child molesting enabling club and leave our great, SCOTTISH and BRITISH club alone! Black gas not hit his best form yet, we are only 8/9 league games in thus season, it'll come. Ally, the club and the players need our backing more than ever. FTP, WATP and NO SURRENDER!!
  10. Don't sing it and doesn't do anything for me really tbh. Before the Taig shouts come in I'm in the Army and have had to sing it on more than a few occasions!
  11. Christ, this prick reeks of Timothy. His Rep alone says more than he ever will.
  12. BBC reports 11,000, absolute joke. Wonder how many more might have turned up had the SFA and powers that be not Screwed over Rangers. Fuck you Scottish football, you have alienated a former proud Scotland Fan and will not subject myself to watching Scotland until Reagan, Doncaster, Lunny and Lawell have no involvement with the game. Bring in David Longmuir, the only fair and sane voice amongst all this shit.
  13. Apparently it's not til next weekend that sell out Saturday is, as can be seen in this amazing picture NB, proof reading may be a weak point for the sheep botherers... Link to pieandshite thread on sell out saturday, have a look at the table that projects how many extra fans clubs need through the gate to make up for no Rangers in the SPL. Reverse Seville calculator I reckon.
  14. Interesting article, not so sure if the part about Murray pressuring the SFA to push through Whyte's takeover is true though. The more GDS is digging the more I'm beginning to think he is on to something...
  15. Hard to tell :/ getting forward a lot on the right hand side, possibly right back.
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