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  1. Invincibles. Not so much this season though? Aye, well..
  2. Shambles. Can only hope the tarriers have pissed the SNP off enough to get their baws toed.
  3. celtic had since 23 December to amend/change hotel booking to comply with the guidance laid out?
  4. How in the fuck can the JRG clear them when there is pictorial evidence of then breaching protocol?
  5. Travel for elite sports allowed entry requires a negative covid test.
  6. Shameless look at me post.
  7. Love this. Andy was never our most technically gifted player but he lived every bear's dream and embodied that passion and hatred of celtic in us all, and I couldn't have been happier for him dominating that lego eating cunt all game.
  8. 3 nil full time against accies reserves. Still to see the penalty.
  9. Sharing a chicken supper with jobby sands.
  10. Looks like hibs will be playing an on loan keeper from QPR, signed by Warburton from Colchester United.
  11. Lego eating half wit still walking around like a mongo hard man in short sleeves. State of it.
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